FIGHT THROUGH IT – Powerful Motivational Speech

There Is a Champion Inside You – 6 Things You Ought to Know

Champions are not called so because of their stature, age or accomplishments but because they have the disposition to win. A champion is not a champion because he has won many trophies or is spectacular but because he is effective at what he does. Championship has nothing to do with the contest or the fight; it has everything to do with the spirit, or attitude that one carries. You can be effective; you can inspire others and become a change agent. I would like to help you discover the fact that you are championship material as I continue to share some insights.

Go the Extra Mile in Order to Succeed in Anything – 6 Useful Tips

Doing more than what is required is a good sign of someone who is self – motivated and deserves his place among the excellent ones. Right now as you are applying yourself to your daily tasks even when nobody takes notice, continue to expend your energy not only on doing the bare minimum or fulfilling a fixture. Do one more session, one more hour, one more day, study one more course, read one more book, spend one more moment and that could be the “tipping” point in your career, relationship, job, life. Here is an illustration; you have put in many hours of study for your examinations. I ask which hour was it when it all began to make sense. I do not expect you to remember, but the point is: – You must keep doing it until something happens until you begin to notice a change. Most people give up too soon.

8 Original Power Quotes From Me Just To Give You a Lift

Once in a while you need something to boost your energy and motivate you to do that thing that you will be thinking of but never quite develop the courage to do it. You are about to draw back and put it off for another time. The only problem I have with that is that opportunities have a lifetime and time is not on your side. Time favors and waits for no man who is wasteful. It is okay to spend time maintaining but it is better to invest time and energy in worthwhile things that matter now and will matter in the future. I have invested some of my time in coming up with these quotes for your own encouragement.

8 Quotes – Benefits of Wisdom

Wisdom, prudence, discretion is all the same thing if you really look at it. Described as the correct application of knowledge, it is responsible for how far you have come in terms of your life, business, relationships and everything else that pertains to the above. Whether you have been living as the wise redeeming the time and doing the right thing or you have given in to unwise counsel, your life will testify to either fact. Do not dwell on the negative, rather examine your steps and you will discover that you owe the accomplishment of the major milestones and improvements in your life to wise decisions.. Do you wish to start winning in life? I urge you to question the source of your wisdom. There are many people who are wise in their own eyes and have no time to seek wise counsel. I lay before eight benefits of wisdom and they can be yours if you discipline yourself to its acquisition and application.

Why Ever Be Discouraged?

It struck me recently: why on earth do we fall for the plight of discouragement, for it’s a state of mind based in a reality of something we see… one version of events? There are other versions equally visible. Why do we not believe those ones?

Four Great Ways to Make the Most of Your Business Journey

Do you travel to your office each day to work? Or are you someone who works from home who commutes to see your clients? Regardless of where you run your business from, at some stage in your work day, you may travel in a car, bus, train or on foot.

Motivation Is Needed More Than Ever – Intelligent Motivation

I bought a new car recently and so did many other people, but not nearly as many as a couple of years ago. It’s real clear that the marketplace is taking more naps than buying trips these days. Showrooms and store aisles are not as crowded as they were. But there are still buyers out there. So, why aren’t the salespeople even more vigilant, more innovative and more diligent in their follow through?

Make Use Of The Natural Motivation You Were Born With

People need motivation in the same way that they need happiness. Motivation and happiness naturally feed off each other….Once you find motivation and happiness, you can triumph over life’s obstacles, disadvantages, and discouragements and become as successful as you desire.

Self-Reliance Must Be Earned and Learned by Each Person

Nobody grows up knowing how to make it on their own. If they did it would require them to make all the mistakes of the previous generations just in order to catch up with the rest of the world. We desperately need to learn not just from experience but from “OPE”, Other People’s Experiences. To shorten a learning curve just pays attention to what has already been learned. Read books, interview others, go to meetings, explore online resources and learn from others and take time to reflect.

It’s Time To Quit Making Excuses

What kind of excuses do you give yourself for what is going on in your life? In this article I will call out the idea of excuse making. It is a problem that all of us use at different times. It is far easier and less painful if we can pin our failures on someone (or something) else.

Mind Clearing Techniques That Improve Efficiency

Focus on Exactly What Needs Your Attention – Being overwhelmed and having a mental overload is plain crappy. This overload of thoughts produces symptoms that enable you to enjoy your work and sometimes, can even be a lack of motivation to get all the things you need done completed.

Be SMART: Set and Achieve Your Goals!

Most of us think we already have goals, but the truth is that most of us don’t. Unless we have our goals properly quantified, planned and written down, we don’t really have goals at all. We may have dreams or wishes, but we don’t have goals. A little acronym that can be very useful in quantifying your goals is SMART!

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