FIGHTER MINDSET – Powerful Motivational Speech/Video [1 hour+]

Quick-Fix Delusion

The irony of the quick fix… is that it fixes nothing. We were gonna go with… ‘the fat, dysfunctional, drug-using, alcohol-abusing, responsibility-avoiding, excuse-making, time-wasting, frustrated, pain-in-the-ass generation’… but it was too long and we couldn’t fit it on our business cards.

The Creation Of Wealth Requires Action, Stop Procrastinating

The creation of wealth requires work and action, not procrastination. A plan of self improvement is important.

Get Motivated – Change Your Life & Create Wealth

Without self motivation little will get done. If you want to create wealth and financial security, get motivated. You must be focused on your objectives.

3 Literary Novels That Teaches You EQ And Change Management

Literary novels can give you great insights on EQ and change management. Here are three novels that you should read to give you a metaphorical analogy to help you develop your EQ and become adaptable to change.

Top 10 Ways to Make The Secret Work for You!

Information is everywhere on how to make The Secret work for you. Search no more! Here are the top 10 ways to manifest your desires.

Make it Your Destiny to Accomplish Great Things in Your Life

Why let your past dictate your future? Leave your past behind and become and achieve what you want. Move forward and, with confidence, always expect to succeed at everything you do.

Get On With Your Life

What are your doing with your life? Is it in any way shape or form what you thought you’d be doing when you were younger? Dump the excuses and move on to the next phase.

How to Manifest Your Inner Desires

Within each human lies the instinct to evolve. Your desires draw to you the learning experiences that cause you to discern what you like and dislike, what you want and don’t want, and through this process you learn and grow and evolve to realize your full potential.

Your Next 200 Meters

Most people want to see where their dreams will take them to before starting. Things don’t actually work this way, it is possible not to see the whole journey and insistence on this may delay your starting and you may NEVER achieve your dream.

Set Your Sail Today!

Procrastination has caused so many people to achieve below their potentials. Putting forward what one need to do is not helping a lot of people and the truth is that if we are to achieve whatever we want to, we need to start NOW!

How to Beat Procrastination – How Many Procrastinators Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?

How many procrastinators does it take to change a light bulb? Read on to find out, as well as discovering how the answer gives you the chance to take that first crucial step to overcoming the procrastination habits that have stunted your creativity for so long…

The Power Of Belief Or What I Learned from A Barracuda

What you make of your life is mainly powered by your belief system. We sometimes don’t realize how truly powerful are our beliefs in steering our lives and shaping our destiny.

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