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Lessons From a Cat – Play, Persistence, Relaxation and Boundaries

I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine: Jzumbula Kittae la Kunta. I call her “Kunta” and she’s a cat. Cats are interesting creatures and Kunta has taught me a number of lessons I wanted to pass on to you.

Specialized Knowledge (Personal Experiences Or Observations)

Rereading Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, “Chapter 5 – Specialized Knowledge (personal experiences or observations)” puts a floodlight on an area in my recent personal development, allowing me to see with great clarity and focus a major course correction that was needed in my life. I am a practicing Computer Systems Engineer. So, clearly, having a specialized knowledge of technology is required. I got reasonably good grades through High School. Went to college and got an Engineering Degree in Electronics. I was very aggressive looking for a job. I was #1 in my Senior year in college, attending on-campus interviews with hiring (or not) companies. I ended up with 7 job offers all over the country. Although I have had a reasonably successful journey, somewhere along the way I succumbed to a narrow focus on the knowledge and lost sight of the bigger picture.

Auto-Suggestion (Subconscious)

Since I was very young, I recall visualizing thoughts being planted, like seeds thrown over a wall to the other side. To complete the picture, however, I also experienced thoughts being returned, more like a tennis ball, over a net. Unlike tennis, however, the balls sent over the net (to the subconscious), don’t come back, for a time, but seem to allow many more to be sent over, before a new creation is returned. It’s not clear that these pictures were entirely about the subconscious.

Economic Recovery – Act NOW

Everyone, the world over, has been effected by the current economic conditions. Most people have scrambled for a good position. It’s just like a unpredicted storm has hit. And, although we all have that in common, that’s where it ends. Even the position we’ve established, or are attempting to establish is different. First we do a quick damage assessment. We all wonder why none (or few) of our boarded-up windows survived; even when we thought the storm was over, another wave of fury attacked – and no one is really sure it’s over, even now.

The Mundane and the Magnificent

My wife and I have been both bemused and perplexed to a small extent at the presence of this distinctive bird around our home of late. He’s a seasonal chap who tweets quite a distinctive high-pitched repetitive tune; a ‘routine’ that’s just as likely to commence at 10 P.M. as it is any other time.

Energize Your Life by Understanding Drive vs Passion

You decide that you want to accomplish a big project, for example, writing your book. You work on it for six months. You create your action plan, you meet all of your mini-goals or milestones, and you finally finish your book. And yet, you still don’t feel satisfied. When enough never feels like “enough,” you are being motivated by your Drive, not by your Passion.

Creating Motivation in Times of Desperation – Part Two

Have you thought of it. Did you reach into your inner core and pull out a seed to plant. This process will not be a mundane task. We are searching for resources, already in place, to overcome the prevailing dread. Dread that leads us to feel less than capable.

How to Beat the Procrastination Troll

It’s often difficult to overcome a problem without first understanding its origin. Discover the underlying causes of procrastination and free yourself to a life of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Winning in a Time of Economic Depression

Recession, down-turn, however we may call it, Economic Depression as we all know has a negative effect on most of the people’s lives. It affects their finances, lifestyles and even their relationships with other people. Many lose their jobs, businesses and some even ended their life just because they cannot take the pressures it has brought. But the truth is, economic recession is not always a negative thing but is even a great opportunity for those people who are prepared and ready.

Motivate Yourself Better

Life is too complex and complicated already to be given added burdens and negative circumstances. However, as human beings, we have no choice but to live on and really live. With disasters left and right and personal circumstances up and down, an average human being will have episodes of emotional drain at certain points in their lives.

My Brother, My Mother, and My Friend

In the reality of life, I live in a society, modern and fast paced. Expectations are so high that I feel sad when I hear the categories people speak of in the public.

How to Find Your Special Talent

So many people watch a truly talented individual or someone who excels in a particular field or skill and sigh “I wish I were talented.” This sentence is wrong on so many levels. Everyone has a talent.

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