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The Fight For True Freedom

My country, Zambia, is headed to celebrate its 45th independence anniversary in October this year. As we do so I have been meditating on what it means to be independent. The question I ask myself is “are we really independent as a nation, as families and as individuals?”

Surviving the Sinking Boat

When the boat is sinking is not a good time to think of taking swimming lessons. When the economy is bad is not the best time to think about becoming financially independent. Start NOW, whilst the boat is still afloat.

The Possibility of Personal Belief

Do the economic headlines of today make you feel discouraged and fearful? Do you worry about economic gloom and doom and tend to feel anxious or paralyzed by external events, or do you see possibility and opportunity for daily action based on strong personal beliefs and a bold yet pragmatic plan that focuses on rich opportunities, your talents and the value of what you have to offer?

Time to Move On

As moving on, implies that we have to shun in the old, be it environment, any relationship etc; and move on to the whole new world, which, implies a change. When a person faces this kind of situation he or she should really analyze whether such change is really needed or whether the person is ready to take up the challenge to face this change?

Inspirational Videos Can Change Your Life

Can inspirational videos really change your life? Well, let me ask you this. Can becoming inspired change your life? The answer is, absolutely. There is no telling just how far you can go with your life if you become inspired and take the right actions.

Go Within to Go Faster

When it seems the pace of life speeds up, we generally do what we can to accommodate it (mostly out of habit). And that is probably the worst thing that we can do for ourselves. We’re unconscious to what our needs actually are in that moment, and we’re expending extra energy to meet a need that is being imposed from an external source.

What Happens When a Motivator Needs Motivation?

When it comes to business questions, I can blurt out great and profitable answers. When it comes to personal and business finance, people come to me for advice. When it comes to motivation, I am the person people lean on and listen to. But what happens when I need motivation and I am the motivator. Who do I turn to?

Motivation Keys – Using Affirmations For Increased Motivation

Do you know the benefits of using affirmations to increase your motivation? You will when you read this article.

Do You Have the Procrastination Bug?

How does procrastination show up in your life? Do you delay doing something for no obvious reason? We all know that to optimize our productivity we need to focus on completion.

Finding the Strength to Move Forward

Having determination will always help you advance through life and help you make decisions based on what is best for you. It helps you stay focused and reassures your need to succeed. Sometimes, when we feel like we have reached our limit, we need to ignore the signs of weakness and find our inner strength.

Motivation Advice – Ways to Maintain Motivation

You can sustain motivation if you follow the proper keys. This article gives you two keys to sustaining motivation.

Show Me the Money

This topic is one that carries so much energy with it and yet it’s extremely important. I once heard that money is not the cure for everything; however it ranks right up there with air! Being an entrepreneur, you can find ways to produce money almost everywhere.

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