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How to Face the Realities of Life

LIFE GOES ON! Whether you continue to look at your past or you being contended move forward, life does not halt. If you are confronted by a disaster, life will not wait for you so that you may recover. A person should try to recover himself. Life continues, either you are sorrow stricken or cherishing the happiness of life.

Real Life Begins At The Edge Of Your Comfort Zone

Why is it that some people live with a risk mentality and others always play it safe? For the people who play it safe – is it fear of the unknown, the need for control, impatience, ego needs or some other rationale or mindset? Let’s talk about your comfort zone and its impact on your future.

Life’s Three Critical Choices

You might think life has more than just three choices and you would be right, but the three I want to share are simply some of the biggest ones we will ever make. They are – change it, accept it or leave. Let me explain.

10 Creative Ways To Get Yourself Motivated

I believe we are all motivated by something or another. It is said we each have a natural tendency to be motivated in one of two ways: either towards something pleasurable for us or away from something that’s painful. I’ve noticed that if I have someone visiting me I’m motivated to getting the house in order. If I have a meeting to attend I’m motivated to getting done whatever I need to prepare for that meeting. I may run out of time. The quality may not always be what it should. But I have a good stab at getting things done. So I suppose the question is how can you turn that which is painful for you into something that appears more pleasurable?

Start Strong Or Finish Strong – Which Approach Do You Think Is Better?

And your opinion is… Since I’ll wager you already have an opinion the real question is – are you open and receptive to another viewpoint? If not – get back to work or play – whatever – but if you are read on.

How Mulan’s Perseverance Will Land You Sponsorships

The day is here: you’re ready for a meeting with your potential sponsor. You’re nervous, but feeling optimistic.

A Story to Motivate You

I want to share this story with you of a big (HUGE) project I took on in my own life… a project that seemed so daunting and overwhelming at times… but one that I finished! I offer this to give you a little inspiration to motivate you to cross your finish line!

How To Find The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

To find the light at the end of the tunnel, we must inhabit the darkness with complete faith that respite is ahead. The tunnel is our life’s journey, filled with darkness at times. In such moments it’s natural to look for a way out, yet we must trust that a turning point awaits us around the corner. The darkness can be terrifying when we’re stuck, unable to navigate our way ahead. It represents an inner struggle and in those moments of despair we are helpless. Although, these are erroneous thoughts that pull us deeper into this darkened state.

A Reality Check on the Path to Our Calling

Ready to give up on your dream? Having a hard time working toward it? Here is an important message for you as you pursue your calling!

Do It, Get Into Action

Nike’s brilliant slogan, “Just Do It” has been running through my head for hours. I’ve got a deadline for a blog post I committed to writing for a colleague and I just can’t get my thoughts together.

The Question Should Be, “Why Not Me?” Rather Than, “Why Me?”

Have you ever said “why me”? Come on – be honest here – sooner or later everyone feels like some area of life has not been fair to them and their usual response is “why me or why now.” Why not look at these life situations or circumstances a little differently with a “why not me”. Let me explain.

The 10 Best Motivational Videos On YouTube for Inspiration

I’ve been in sales all of my life. I love it. If you’ve ever worked in sales, you probably participated in motivational meetings.

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