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Staying Motivated With a Simple Technique – A Remarkable Psychological Phenomenon

If you have been having problems completing your goals, or just generally achieving to be the person you want to be, there is a good psychological reason why. The good news is there is a simple exercise you can do that will start gravitating your behavior in line with those goals.

Don’t Let Criticism Become an Excuse to Procrastinate!

You’ve heard of throwing good money after bad. It’s the practice of trying to salvage a gain from a loss that just keeps losing. And there’s no gain to be had in doing that. Yet, this is something we do when we feel we absolutely must respond to unfair or unintelligent criticism. By succumbing, we allow procrastination to take over, notes this top international speaker, best-selling author, and celebrated consultant.

Great Tips For Overcoming Procrastination

Why do people procrastinate? There are actually a lot of reasons. Some tend to wait for the perfect time and moment until they start working. Some are afraid to accept failure so they resort to just dreaming of the great things that can happen in the future so they won’t do anything at all.

The Romance of Motivation and Influence

What is it that wins or otherwise engages the hearts and minds? I profiled in an earlier article the principle of DIPI: things that get our attention because they’re dangerous, important, pleasurable and interesting.

Just Because You Are Talented, Doesn’t Mean You’ll Be Successful

Talent has been so overblown regarding success. It is not talent, but the work towards a purposeful goal that creates real success. Talent is like potential energy until it is given moment towards some purpose.

How to Increase Your Motivation For Change

Get your unconscious mind motivated to keep you on track. Your conscious mind may say it wants to do this or that but your unconscious mind automatically stops you because of the programming already there.

Keep Yourself Moving Forward When Things Get Tough

Overcoming tough situations can be trying. Getting the motivation to move forward and create momentum to success is important. Think about opportunities that have been opened because to the tough times and taking action will create momentum.

Project GPS

Sometimes we just need to put our toe into the water of a difficult project and start somewhere knowing that we can make course corrections as we travel. I recently completed a personal project that was a bit of a challenge.

How to Explore Our Strengths and Overcoming the Weaknesses

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Excess of power can bring success, while the lack of weakness can cause problems or failure. Therefore, it is important to fix the weaknesses before causing the downfall.

10 Tips to Elevate Your Mind and Live Your Dreams to the Fullest

We are surrounded by all sorts of communication, so you must choose what you are willing to believe. In spite of what you may hear on the news, the economy is not affecting everyone, because people are still buying and selling. It is all about what you think.

How to Defeat Procrastination to Overcome Shyness

As a shy person, one of the challenge I face was overcoming procrastination. And let’s face it, even after I overcame my fears of shyness, procrastination is one of the biggest road blocks to making progress in your life.

Discipline and Commitment – Two Important Motivational Accessories to a Healthier Life

Motivation – if you don’t have it, accomplishing anything seems doubtful to impossible; if you do have it, at its best, it can seem like anything is possible. You need some degree of motivation in daily life, even for things as simple as getting out of bed in the morning.

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