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Dreams Don’t Die

Look at your life. Are you where you expected to see yourself? Is this what you had in mind when you once had a dream? Are you living your dream? If your answer to these questions is NO, then get about the business of making your dreams a reality. It is a single decision. Dreams don’t die.

The Greatest Miracle: When the Quran Talks About the Muslim Holy Book

The Muslim Holy, the Quran, is one of the great Miracles of the Prophet of Islam. The Holy Book itself contains some of the finest descriptions of its own depth and beauty. In this essay we explore a few golden nuggets of verses extolling the beauty and virtues of the Quran itself.

Staying Positive In Corona Times And V For Vaccine?

It sounds incredible that only three months back the old world still existed and went about its ways, except for a small area in China. Since then it’s been an immense struggle to stay positive, locked up. During this time the world has managed to learn precious little about the invisible invader…

Is The Coronavirus Affecting Your Results?

SLOW DOWN TO ACHIEVE MORE We are in a place we have never been before and our brain is having trouble assimilating all the new information and the confusion is causing some real problems with many people. Only a short while ago we were all being swept along on the usual hustle and bustle of life rushing to fit everything in and wishing we had more time to do things and now we are leaving doing things because we have all the time in the world to get them done, which proves that we…

How to Master the Stress of Every Day Life With Five Essential Strategies

What is the “new normal” like for you now, especially as related to your workday? Do you believe you will ever go back to business as usual, or work in the same manner you did, now that you have learned how to adapt and work in a different manner? Are you feeling that you are able to cope with conditions related to your job, or is a matter of just surviving each day of your work week? Life for many has become a matter of adjusting and adapting, and doing this at a rapid pace, sometimes with the proper tools and resources, and often on the fly. The initial sense of confusion and uncertainty is now growing into panic and increased agitation for many. Those who are employed are attempting to work at home, in spaces they never imagined they would be working, and feeling somewhat off balance.

Spin Straw Into Gold: Turn Things Around And Conquer Fate

You can make the most of any situation, regardless of how it first appears in your life. By cheering up and having patience, you see things for what they are and gain new tools for creating more of what you truly want. The key to all of this is being willing to overcome your initial reactions.


Many of my clients have come in complaining of a lack of motivation; from not being motivated enough on the job, to not being able to diet, quit smoking, or get out of bed in the morning. They desire to achieve both positive and negative motivations-positive motivations and being motivations toward doing something; negative motiviations being toward NOT doing something (not smoking, for example). Almost invariably, the method they have tried before (unsuccessfully) has been to beat themselves into it.

Intuition or Inner Knowing

When I met Richard, my husband, October 10, 1981, he was sitting outside, and the sun was glinting off his red hair, and my whole body and soul said {wow!” Twenty-three years later, we’re still happy. It turned out to be a lasting love at first sight.

Life Is Not About Finding Yourself But Creating Yourself

Life is what we make it. What happens to use now is the product of what we did before; how we prepare our future. So, we are responsible for the type of life that we want to have.

Why You Are Always One Decision Away From Improving Your Life

Are you aware of anything holding you back from improving your life at present? It may be a resource such as money, better living conditions, access to certain information or services? Whilst I don’t discount the value of these things can improve our circumstances, generally, our thoughts are the biggest impediment holding us back because we believe them.

Tips to Avoid Accidents and Injury: A Personal Story

My daughter, driving home from university for holidays, had a car accident, hitting a tree at 100km/hr and shattering her knee. There were things about driving that I wished I had emphasised more. I’ve said them now in this article, let’s hope it helps someone to avoid the pain that she went through.

Keep Trying, Don’t Give Up, Failure Is Just Part of the Process!

We are all trying to improve ourselves, get more income, conquer habits and so on, and we need to know that failure is not unusual, but the norm, and is part of the process of reaching success. The author is not a success, but rather a fellow sufferer encouraging you in the trenches, where the fighting is!

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