FOCUS ON YOURSELF – Best Motivational Speech

Live, Laugh, and Love Out Loud

This article highlights indicators which are aimed at inspiring you to live, love, and laugh out loud. The goal is to motivate you to make every moment and movement of your life exceptional.

I Have No Special Talent, I’m Only Passionately Curious

So how do you develop enough passion, to be considered special? Find out what it is that makes you tick, and tirelessly pursue it. Become a student, ready to learn from the leaders in your field. Observe their passion for their profession. Never shy away from asking questions. Whenever you see something that you are genuinely interested in, strike up a conversation with people you meet, and ask questions.

Improvement Begins With “I

Typically, improvement is a change that is believed to have a certain outcomes and directions. It is only achieved by providing significant efforts. You must be actively involved if you want to improve. That is the “I” in Improvement. There is no magic here, examining, planning and action!

Get Up and Fight! The Will and the Power to Defeat the Odds

The reality is that no matter how good anybody is, there will always be someone better, faster, stronger, or more skillful. Talent is never a sure ticket to victory, unless we put in the effort, the work to achieve your goals and dreams. If there is something true in this world, it is that we must fight for what we love. In today’s society, with all its comforts and distractions, it always seems to offer us plenty of excuses for our personal failures

Know Your Season

Don’t let your desire to finally “arrive” at your future destination rob you of the joy in every step that it takes to get you there! You can cast the vision, you can write it down and make it plain, you can talk about your future and God’s plan for your family; but, the only way you will see the future vision come to pass in your life is to wake up to your present reality every day, and make a decision to live – really LIVE – in that moment with joy & thanksgiving in your heart, doing what God has called you to do, in the place He has called you to be TODAY.

Tips for Self-Motivation

Motivation comes from within. People cannot motivate others, but they can influence others to be motivated. Motivation is an act of your own will. Many times because of circumstances people lose their zeal to do things that will lead to a successful life. Their state of mind is unhappy and sometimes confuse and because of this they cannot see things clearly. The negative voices raises up inside and they become discouraged and less motivated.

Should I Do It Now, Or Do It Later?

Imagine if you put on the top of your list of priorities the activities that you dislike the most? What would happen to your ability to procrastinate? Imagine if you taught your children to do the things they dislike doing, first thing in the morning? How would this habit impact their life?

Reasons Why You Should Be Kind to Other People

Most of those people express their kindness in good faith, never expecting anything in return. We should be kind to everybody, regardless of their religion, or race. Everybody deserves kindness. Some people may have the attitude, “what’s in it for me?” There are huge benefits, in addition to being a decent human being

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Everyone knows that the definition of yesterday is the day before today. It is history and is already past. Without yesterday, we will not have today.

Every Notable Work Is At First Impossible!

We can all do things today that we couldn’t do yesterday. Let’s start believing in the truly unlimited human potential.

Why Change Is Important in Your Life

Change is one thing that makes our lives interesting. If you are used to doing the same thing over and over again, for years on end, you may get bored, and lose the excitement in your life. Change ensures that your experiences differ from day to day, month to month. Remember that the world is always in a continuous motion. Technologies, trends, and politics keep on changing. This makes life exciting. Another reason you should remain positive about change.

It Is Never Too Late To Start

Regardless of whether you are 17, 27, 41, or 73, you can always get it right one more time. If you are to create the life of your dreams, then know, that it is never too late to start, just by changing your priorities. Often, deciding on a path to follow, starts by thinking, and looking for what is meaningful to you in life. You get to know, and understand yourself better, giving special focus to what matters to you. For most people, pondering about their past, is a reality check. “What did I do, spending the last 5 or 10 years with the wrong person, or hanging on to a failing business, or a wrong job?” Or perhaps you are even thinking that you may have spent all this time with the wrong you!

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