FOCUS ON YOURSELF NOT OTHERS – Nimsdai Best Life Advice (Nothing is impossible)

Can’t We Just Be Motivated Today?

How many more times are we going to put off today what we can do tomorrow? Doesn’t it seem like a never ending question? I will look for a job tomorrow. I will stop smoking on Monday. I will get into shape starting next week. I will start saving money at the beginning of the month.

The Law Of Gestation – Law Of Attraction

The law of gestation is a natural process of the universe. There is a time for everything and a season for every changes under the sun. A baby takes 9 months to come to full term. A fertilized chicken egg takes about 21 days to hatch. Diamonds take ages to form and so on. Try to short cut this process and you’ll get a premature / dead baby or inferior product.

Don’t Worry About The “How”

Do you worry about the “how” of getting things done? Is there something that you really, really want but just can’t see how to do it? Do you get frustrated, angry, moody or subdued when something you expect to happen doesn’t happen through the channel you expected?

Boost Your Motivation Levels

Understand your style of motivation, then use it to increase your motivation to achieve your goal.

The Courage Course – The Courage Walk

To build your courage, start from within. An excellent way to begin doing this is the courage walk.

You are NOT Your Thoughts!

This may feel like a stretch because our thoughts are inside us BUT WE ARE NOT OUR THOUGHTS! Learn how to separate yourself from your own mind chatter and be more present in your life.

Are You Fearing Failure?

Are you fearing failure? Now let’s see who created failure? Did God or did we as humans? Who knows? Really who knows? Can we possibility say that it is our own perceptions of the words that gives the power of creation to the words used at any given time?

Banish Forgetfulness – Create A Mindful Awareness

Are you getting forgetful or absent minded? Learn how you can solve this problem.

Motivation to Become Fit

Do you have a problem you need to solve? Look inside yourself and you will find the ability to solve it.

Taking Care of Yourself

Have you ever wondered if it’s them that need to grow, change, be a better person and be more responsible or could it possibly be you? We are all responsible for our own lives. If you are living with a chemically dependent person, though, you may have taken on the role of caretaker. You may believe, or have been led to believe, that you are responsible for another’s feelings and what happens to them in life.

The Obstruction of Shame

When you come to realize that you are codependent, the feeling of shame might arise within you. You may feel that there is something wrong with you, that you are not good enough, that you have made large errors in judgment. Remember, you never have to apologize for who you are. You may have the need to feel the acceptance of others to feel secure within yourself.

The Courage Course – Overcoming Fear

Can courage be taught? Or is it something that is inherent in only a few people? Here we discuss how ordinary people can become more courageous by overcoming there fears.

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