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Surviving the Economic Crisis – Changing Our Ideas About Careers

We have seen many signs that our views of careers and career success have changed dramatically in recent decades. While career success was historically defined in terms of salary and occupational status, it now takes on a new dimension. Career success in the short term may now be defined in terms of having a stable comfortable job, and being able to maintain a satisfying personal life off the job.

How to Sculpt Your Best and Biggest Life by Falling on Your Butt

I walked into closed space, draped with dusty blue light of drawn curtains. Here is a room, the kind of room my younger years spent some serious time in. There were serious films on top of fun movies on top of lovable dreck. Picture a mountain of captured memories of all kinds. Each crag and valley an hour of boxed emotion.

Exclusive – New Control of Your Destiny

I started my career thinking that a corporate job would provide both security and financial stability. As I was climbing the corporate ladder, I was convinced that I would pay off my home and retire with the stock options this burgeoning company offered me. By the time I left, those options were worthless.

Wounded Warriors Re-Adapt to New Lives

Entrepreneurship uses the same skills to overcome. Perhaps your injury will not allow you to return to your pre-military employment. You must make a new start in life. I want you to imagine for a moment that you did not have to answer to a manager.

A Passion for Having No Regrets

Regret is a terrible thing to live with, but it would be a far worse thing to die from. So, what is my point with all of this? Don’t waste another minute allowing regret to drain you of your spirit.

How to Motivate Yourself – Success Strategies to Keep You on Track – All of the Time

Learning to keep yourself motivated and moving toward your goals and dreams is easy once you learn the secret behind motivation. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track when your motivation levels begin to fall.

Softcore Qualiadelia

The softcore is like the in-between. Our consciousness, and our awareness of qualiadelic power is heightened. We are open to the meaning of the moment, receptive to actions, and sensitive to the chain of symbols.

Are You Dissatisfied Enough to Finally Change?

The world is continually changing around us, as can be witnessed by the events of the past year. You must be willing to change yourself in order to meet the new challenges of today and achieve success.

Personal Development – Motivation

If you find yourself wanting to achieve some goal but you cannot be motivated long enough to achieve it, personal development motivation article is for you. It does not matter if you want to start a new habit, develop a skill or change your character. All of this requires strong personal development motivation.

What Can We Substitute For Love?

Struggling to find true purpose in things money cannot buy such as love, joy, peace and respect. We work to place ourselves on auto-pilot and get lost in the shuffle. How can things gets better? Find out what’s truly important.

Lessons From the Dog Park

In these tough times, it is important to keep your perspective and focus on the positives. Read on for some observations and lessons from a dog park.

Can You Leave it Alone?

My labrador’s wound on his paw and his constant attention to this wound led me to a 21 day process in my worst meltdown of the year. After having had a health and love breakdown, finances came into play big time. I turned a negative into a positive by seeing the symbols and instead of feeling shame, I realized the true value within me, more than ever.

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