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How To Overcome Feeling Stuck In Life

You’ve tried everything to improve your life, but nothing changes. Frustration develops and you’re disappointed because you’re unable to resolve the situation. Allow me to put your mind at ease over the coming paragraphs. Here’s the good news. Remaining stuck is only a perception and does not represent your actual reality. Now the not-so-good news. Feeling stuck is a sign something needs to change in your life. You might have an intuitive impulse to make those changes, but resist doing so for fear of change.

18 Life Principles For Greater Living

We all have a set of principles we abide by. Ask any person about their values and beliefs and they’ll respond according to what’s important to them. I’ve noticed a central theme in my advice since first writing about: personal development, motivation and success. For the uninitiated, it can be summarised in the following eighteen points. They are in no particular order and I urge you to identify with those you resonate with and incorporate them into your life.

Stop Trying To Avoid Failure

It’s as if the act of failure, has become synonymous with being a failure. And this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Career Advice: Improve Your Communication Skills

The ability to communicate effectively is the most important skill for building your career. As you interact with your clients and colleagues, the way you communicate speaks volumes about your professionalism, and it allows you to forge powerful connections that will take your career to the next level. It is important to remember, however, that good communication involves more than just the ability to speak eloquently. Keep these strategies in mind as you work on your communication skills, and you will notice improvements in every area of your career.

You Can’t Motivate Anyone!

How can you motivate someone else? You can’t. Someone else’s motivation isn’t up to you and you can’t be motivated by someone else. Find out why.

Who Fills Your Success Plate?

Who fills your success plate? Who decides what you work on and what you ignore? What are you most stressed about? These are determined by your motivation and whether you let external or internal factors drive it.

Message From the Universe: Where Opportunities Knock More Than ONCE in Your Lifetime

There is never that ONE opportunity of a lifetime and if you miss it, you are doomed. Many Multi level marketers uses this approach to make you feel guilty if you decline their offer to join in their scam. You create your own opportunity and work towards your vision and goals. You are the master of your own destiny, and it is up to you to make things happen the way you see fit. Make the best out of your life, as you only have ONE life to live.

Your Life Is Waiting On You! When Are You Going To Show Up?

I first heard the phrase ‘start before you’re ready’ from Marshawn Evans. I thought to myself she must be crazy. I can’t start before I’m ready.

Do You Eliminate the Positives or the Negatives?

Your filters determine how you view the world. Your filters can either get rid of or ignore the negatives or get rid of or ignore the positives in your life. You can choose what you focus on. Eliminate the negatives, not the positives.

10 Motivational Blogs That Will Change Your Life

It can be tricky to navigate the web for life-changing advice, good thing we have come up with a list of motivational blogs to help you in your quest for inspiration! Through personal trial and plenty of research over time, we have compiled a list of the most effective blogs to help you keep motivated and on track to achieve your goals.

You Deserve To Be A Winner

Have you ever felt that somebody who wins all the time has their luck working for them? And that their life is nice and easy compared to yours? Haven’t we all? But, unfortunately that’s not even close to being the truth. The fact is that winning and losing have some things in common: they are both habits. You probably know someone that can’t win at the game of life, no matter how many advantages he’s given. You also know someone that’s the exact opposite. He wins at everything, even though he doesn’t seem to have any advantages. Which of those two would you like to be? The winner! right? If you could just develop these simple habits listed below you’d be amazed at how dramatically you will increase your chances of winning consistently!

Feeling Bored? Spice Up Your Life!

Ever look at your life and feel like it’s not what you thought it would be? A lot of people have felt that way at some point in their lives. We had this idea in our minds of how our life would be and it’s nowhere near that.

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