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Seeing Beyond The Fog

Ever found yourself travelling a highway and suddenly the fog overtakes you? You turn on your lights and bounce back and forth between the low and high beam trying to see what lies ahead, but no matter what you do you are lucky if you can see your dashboard.

The Pursuit Of Happiness Starts With Having Motivating Dreams

Can you visualize a dreamless world? Can you fancy a crowd of people unable to long for something? Or just produce in your mind a world fulfilled of unhappy and unsatisfied people. This would be a world lacking in desire. Isn’t this seeming unreal?

Earning and Learning During the Recession

My recession experience was not a wonderful one as I suspect it wasn’t for a majority of people in the UK. Even though I was an integral member of my team at my former place of work, I wanted to explore new pastures and I wanted to run around in those greener grasses. Without actually having something in the pipeline I left for those greener pastures believing that I would try to find something for myself.

5 Amazing Quotes to Live by

A little insight into building contentment and understanding in your everyday life. Sometimes we view life harder than it should be and only through some markers like these, do we get our focus back on what’s truly important.

Can Persistence Really Unlock Hidden Treasures?

There are hidden treasures that only persistence can unlock. To the extent you do not understand and use this, you must be suffering. Find out the secret to make your desires and goals a reality even if you’ve failed before.

Unleash Your Secret Power With Determination

Make the choice to unleash your inner power with determination. Don’t overlook this power as it could be the very thing keeping you from success in your life. See how to harness this power and make it work for you.

The Ultimate Solution To Create Motivation And The Starting Point Of Your Success

Do you know what extraordinary people have in common? People such as Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Donald Trump, Richard Branson, etc, all have one thing in common and this is what allows them to go through hard times, create motivation and help them build the success they desire. This powerful thing is their passion toward what they do…

Motivation Breakthrough

Everyone needs motivation when it comes to working towards a particular goal. If you are driven and very goal orientated, the chances are that you will already be incredibly motivated, but it can also be very easy to fall off the wagon, especially if you are going through a rough patch in your life or your business. Leads might be slow, business itself may be slow, but this should not become a regular occurrence in your life, or prepare to dig yourself a deep hole which is incredibly hard to get out of.

How to Use Inner Motivation to Realize Your Goals

Motivation is the force that leads people to take action. When you’re motivated, you do something. And, that’s something that you do are attached to the pursuit of goals. The goals that you choose and adopt reflect your feelings of frustration with current circumstances and the hope that you can make things better.

What Are You Going to Wear Today?

Several years ago I found myself adjusting to a new city, new schedule, and a reality check concerning my physical fitness – or the lack thereof. This article focuses on choosing the right outfit. We often spend a lot of time trying to decide what to wear. Our decisions can be based on many factors. Sometimes we have to see what the “size range” is in our closet and see what fits. Other times it is dependent upon what the occasion is for which we are dressing. Life’s challenges are more complicated than choosing an outfit, but the situations we face in life can often compel us to make better choices about what we should “wear” each day. Sound puzzling? Let’s explore the garment choices that are available for us each and every day as we move forward and overcome obstacles and setbacks in this article.

Are You Ready For The Future

At the outset I want to make it very clear than I am an optimist and not a doomsday freak, however what I am about to share with you is not a personal opinion, but the result of a great deal of research and study during the past several months that I feel obligated to share with you – and you can interpret this as you feel appropriate or just dismiss me as some crazed out of touch lunatic. I have read over a dozen books during the past few months by some of the most respected;…

What To Do In A Measuring World

To measure ones world by the sheer acquisition of material worth is akin to denying the purity and integrity of the vast scope available within your psyche. Unemployment is and has been with us for a long time and there is no shame in being unemployed but it is time to address the potential that lies beneath the values of each individual. This is a golden opportunity for the unemployed to change the way society looks and addresses unemployment. It may even be fortuitous because they are operating from a deep sense of knowing there is more to each than the labels of unemployed…

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