Former Navy SEAL Reveals How to Become A Badass Leader | Rich Diviney on Impact Theory

Overcoming Obstacles at the Healthclub

My challenge at the healthclub was physical, mental, and spiritual. In order to succeed, I needed a strategy to deal with all three areas. I assessed my situation, determined a strategy for each, applied my strategy and successfully overcame my obstacles.

Supra Sex and the Creative Urge After 50

Interview with Barbara Marx Hubbard about Supra Sex, vocational arousal, Conscious Evolution and supra sexual creativity. Read Barbara Marx Hubbard’s book, Birth 2012 and Beyond: Humanity’s Great Shift to the Age of Conscious Evolution.

How To Get And Stay Motivated – What Is Motivation Anyway

Absence of motivation can genuinely place a damper on how properly we do things in life. Even the most effective laid out program is often stifled by low vitality and no motivation.

No One Is Born With Confidence

Pieces of puzzles were never lost. Neither was there a mismatch. My potential had increased. The puzzle size had grown. This is Life.

Fight the Good Fight

1 Timothy 6:12 Fight the good fight of the faith… What do you fight for? Who do you fight for?

How to Adopt Reading As Your Hobby

If you dearly want to read, but you just seem to lack interest in doing so, you probably will find yourself locked in an unsatisfactory situation, as many resources of knowledge and huge vital information will pass you by. So, you want to learn how to adopt reading habit and make it as your engaging hobby? The following are worth noting:

The How To Be Successful Handbook

If you’re amongst the many who are searching for the secret to success, I’ll let you in on a secret. Read on to discover the whereabouts of The How To Be Successful Handbook. It’s your turn!

4 Critical Success Factors

Here’s 4 Critical Success Factors you can use as your “base” with anything you strive for! — And when you do, then “success” comes knocking…

How to Deal With Feeling Bad When Comparing Yourself to Others

Comparing ourselves to others can lead straight to unhappiness. Learn a few tips to feel good about who you are, get reminded of what is important to you, and take action.

The Process!

So you have the pen in your hands and you want to write the script. You want it to go down chapter by chapter just the way you say. You’ll script yourself as the hero and always defeat the villains. Sure you might include some epic battles, but you’ll always win. Each chapter begins and ends with you holding a big grin completely satisfied with yourself and the way it all turned out. Sounds like very good fiction.

Staying in Integrity

Integrity… This is one of those funny little words that carry loads of weight and heaps of responsibility in it – and it absolutely effects you very negatively when you negotiate it in any way. The gold ol’ English Oxford dictionary defines it as: wholeness, soundness, uprightness, honesty. I would hasten to add – impeccable and moral. High standards to strive for then??

The Weeds!

Destroy the seed of evil, or it will grow up to your ruin. -Aesop. So we’re planting all the time. Every action that we take plants a little seed that starts to grow. Our life’s path becomes a real garden or even an entire farm. At times we take a break to sit on the farmer’s porch with a cool glass of lemonade to reflect on our work. So what do we really see?

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