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Behave Like You Want To Be

Do you want a disciplined, orderly, working reality? First act that way, then make it a good habit.

Set Off the Storm Inside of You

Everybody has the power of a storm within them to transform their lives and achieve whatever their heart’s desire. Do not keep it bottled inside you, find a way to unleash it to the world. You can create the energy within you to power yourself to your life dreams. You have the unbelievable power within you to create the rewarding life you want for yourself.

You Can Rewrite Your Story

Many years ago, there lived a boy of humble parentage in Britain. This boy had only 4 years of schooling, because his parents could not sponsor him any further. The family sold their properties in order to find money to survive. In the course of time, he was employed to paste label on bottles.

Persistence, Resiliency and Luck

Jim Collins and Morten T. Hansen have written a book in which they note that, when we flip a coin, the ratio of heads to tails evens out over time, but that we have to be willing to be resilient enough to endure the bad luck long enough to eventually get to the good luck. As they note, “Luck favors the persistent, but you can persist only if you survive.” This article is about the power of persistence, resiliency and luck in the face of our daily challenges.

Be Motivated

It’s well and good to offer suggestions. Yet, a growing group of self-help profiteers do that and more. They claim to actually inspire and motivate as they collect their fees, sign books, and sell even more programs and products. I don’t know about you, but how can they know what will or will not inspire and motivate me? Are they mind readers too? This article explores what it may take to be truly motivated.

Creating a Life Vision: Tips From a Life Coach

It’s important and valuable to have a life direction. However, there seems to be a lot of confusion about how to create or connect with your personal inspired vision for your life. In this article, I hope to provide some insight in just what a life vision comprises, and the qualities of a life vision that will inspire and motivate you and others around you.

Motivating Entrepreneurs

“Putting up your own business and being an entrepreneur is the answer to unemployment.” This is a quote from a motivational speaker in a business seminar. It matters not how big or small your business concept is as long as you have a basis and motivation to put up your own business they that will be your ticket to becoming successful.

Do I Have Low Energy?

How is your energy today? Is it high, or low?

Are You Living or Merely Existing?

Do you wake up every morning full of energy and excitement for the day ahead? Or do need 3 cups of coffee before you can drag yourself out of bed; only to face yet another day of chores, demands and meaningless work, before collapsing onto the sofa for an evening of mind-numbing TV?

Dealing With Challenges and Escaping From Problems: What Harry Houdini Can Teach You

Everyone faces challenges and yearns to escape from problems. Discover what Harry Houdini can teach you about dealing with challenges and escaping from problems.

When You Feel Like You Want to Quit, Remember: Do It For the Sake of One Person

When you want motivation on something. When you feel like to give up. Think of one person who will get benefit after you finish this work. And do it for the sake of that one person.

Winners, Too, Dislike the Things You Do

I was speaking with a lady (will call her MJ for the purpose of this article) a few days ago. MJ is in her late twenties. She is petite, 5ft 2″, tanned with straight hair that drops past her shoulders. She is a professional in the corporate world with a fortune 500 company, a hard worker and very ambitious. I know this to be true, because she has been my client for some time now.

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