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Begin Again – Your Dreams Are in Sight

It is so easy to let things slide – to lose the focus it takes to really accomplish your dreams. So, if you’ve forgotten some stuff, begin again.

Motivational Stories – Why Do We Read Them?

There are many reasons that we read motivational stories. These reasons are generally self-serving. Why do you read them?

Monday Musings: Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda – Change Regret Into Action

Do you ever waste energy on the “what if’s” of your life? Don’t wait until your only option is regret.

Positives and Negatives – Accepting Life’s Way

We cannot have the positives without the negatives. That would be like appeasing the sunshine whilst denying harsh rain. Still, some get more than their fair share of the negative. Faith can turn that around.

Motivation Can Come From Many Different Places

Motivation can come from many different places in life. One of the great things about living in the physical world is that without a doubt, each day presents new agendas and new opportunities. No matter how hard you try; no matter whether you pass or fail in your attempts to accomplish your goals, the empowering hand of Spirit is on your shoulder.

Use Time Alone to Your Advantage

How many times during the day or week have you found you have time to yourself? This may be 30 minutes or a few hours, but it’s still time to yourself.

Creating Better Circumstances Now

The key is converting our frustrated anger, bubbling away just below the surface, into peace via patience. Emotional intelligence requires understanding how circumstances impinge on personal peace and compensating in the moment. This results in perspective and control.

Procrastination: 5 Ways to Stop Stopping Yourself From Being Successful

If you’re anything like me, you have a lot of plans to get things done, preferably tomorrow. It just never seems like the right time. “If Mars lines up perfectly with Jupiter, I will be able to accomplish X, Y, and Z.” It was getting ridiculous, I will be the first to admit. However, at some point a person has to take a breath and decide that it isn’t going to just happen magically and that the conditions are never actually going to be perfect. With that in mind, there are five different tips I’ve learned on how to help myself, or at least stop stopping myself.

Creating Your Best Support Team

How do you create support for yourself to keep you going when things get tough? How do you assess the value of your support system and then use it effectively?

Get Going, Get Started and Get That Ball Rolling!

Once you’ve set goals and got an action plan, the next step is crucial, and it is a step where many fall and fail to get back up again. You have to do something! You have to get the ball rolling and start building up momentum.

What Is The Definition Of Motivation?

I believe the definition of motivation is to give intention, incentive, keenness, or interest that brings about a certain action or certain behaviour. Motivation is present in every area of life. For example, a simple act such as drinking juice is motivated by thirst. Similarly, jogging on the treadmill is motivated by the craving to be fit and healthy, or even lose weight. Motivators can be anything from reward to coercion.

Your Potential Is a Picture of What You Can Become

Do you believe in yourself? Remember that believe means to have confidence in the truth, the existence or reliability of who you really are.

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