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Are You Prepared to Accept That Change Is a Door, Which Can Only Be Opened From Within?

The only constant in our lives in these ever evolving and changing times, is change. You can either choose to design the changes you want in your life and business or you can continue to just drift aimlessly through life and wait for change to randomly happen to you and your business. When you choose to alter things for the better by design, you wrestle back control of your life and you get to manage your circumstances, so that things no longer just continue to worsen through neglect. They become things over which you exert conscious control and as such, you can create the life and business success you desire, one small insignificant positive daily action at a time.

Finding The Purpose Of Your Life: Six Ways To Identify Your Dream

Just about everyone who achieves great things in life dreams of success first and gains words of motivation from those dreams. Knowing what you want helps you through the tough times and direction when you need it. Here are 6 rules for identifying your dreams.

Find Out What Is Stopping You From Moving Forward

I’ve been reading a really great book on mindset. It’s called “Mindset – The New Psychology of Success” by Carol S. Dweck. She outlines how people have two types of mindsets, a fixed or growth mindset.

How to Create an Outstanding Resume That Will Get You Noticed

Creating an outstanding resume takes some skills in writing, creativity and an easy to understand design. Your ultimate goal is to get that prospective employer to actually read your resume.

Motivating Lazy People In One Step

“Hit them with a stick, halve their rations and put them in the army.” Wouldn’t it be easy if it were that simple. If it was, the world would now be full of highly motivated people, albeit a bit scrawny and with a few bruises. If you have the unenviable task of motivating lazy people or even one real life Homer Simpson, this article spells out exactly what you must do, and it doesn’t involve a stick or the armed forces.

A Psychology Research That Can Help You Stop Procrastinating

Let me start by telling you that procrastinating is not really what you call it. It is not the lack of ability to take action. In fact, procrastination is about trying to avoid the thought of thinking too much.

Lackluster Motivation Got You Down? You Are Stuck

We have developed a new way to defeat that dreaded moment of inaction. Removing stigmas from words we’re too used to in order to reveal their true inspiration.

What Would You Do Differently? Using Regret As a Tool for Motivation

Let me ask you a question. If you had your time over again, what would you do with it? The ideal answer of course would be “nothing”. If you are one of the lucky ones that can say this, that’s fantastic news, and I envy you. You need not read any further. For the rest of us, there are little (or sometimes big) things we would change along the way.

Those Who Can, Produce – Those Who Can’t, Protect

Don’t waste precious moments of your life worrying if someone is “stealing” your ideas. If you continue to create and use your talent, no one will be able to keep up.

Gratitude Creates Energy

I am feeling as though it is time to chat about “gratitude” again, as often we get way to busy in our lives to remember this small but powerful concept. My personal world has been exceptionally busy the past while, so it has been important to use the time in my car wisely, rather than becoming stressed, agitated or grumpy. Or wastefully using that time to worry about the day to come, or the stuff that has already transpired that I can really do nothing about. The time in your car is meant to be focused on the road, on getting safely to and from where you are going to, with grace and ease. Whether you walk, cycle, use public transport or have your own car, this time spent traveling is a way to create energy for the rest of your life. GRATITUDE in the moment is a highly spiritual concept whereby you give active thanks for all that exists in your life right now, not waiting for it to be different or better before you say thank you, but in THIS very moment. Daily gratitude can truly transform your life.

Goal Achievement – Here’s Hoping For Helen!

Whenever the Olympics come around, it’s a chance to focus on the individuals involved. Some have been at many Olympics, some had not even tried their sport at the previous one, and that’s the case with the subject of today’s article…

How to Stop Procrastinating – Superstitions About The MindScan Pro Exposed

Almost everyone is in a constant battle trying to find ways on how to stop procrastinating in order to change the way they deal with their lives the way they are supposed to. Procrastinating is so common to everyone these days but if you want to be successful in life then you need to stop procrastinating, and it can be easier than you thought.

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