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Benefits of Zabuton And Subliminal Messages

Zabuton is a Japanese floor cushion used as a cushion for meditation by many people who daily practice meditation in order to be stress free and live comfortable and relax life. It helps to prevent building pressure on body parts touching floor.

Five Tips on How to Effectively Avoid the Pitfalls of Achieving Your Goals

Achieving difficult goals require great efforts. However, there are some common pitfalls that need to be avoided to make things much easier.

Feeling Bored Staying at Home?

Life is definitely not an easy journey. Life’s struggles are worthless but its fruits are priceless!

Action Triggers – Strategy to Develop New Habits Quickly

Habits give us the results we’re presently experiencing. This could be good news, or it could be bad. Action triggers are a strategy that can help you replace old habits which may no longer be serving you well, with new habits.

More Than Willpower: How to Break an Unhealthy Habit

Why do I keep doing this to myself? Whether it’s overeating, not exercising, smoking too much or biting your nails. You know it’s not healthy. But all your efforts to break the habit by sheer will have left you stressed and exhausted. And eventuallu they failed.

Have You Ever Met a Dinoflagellate?

A single dinoflagellate wouldn’t generate nearly enough light to illuminate the predator. But a few hundred thousand do the trick just fine. And since these organisms can only light up every five to ten minutes, they need to work together, taking turns lighting up so that the group is never left without batteries, so to speak.

What’s Really Missing?

This week I couldn’t stop thinking about a recurring theme that I can’t quite define as either my eternal haunting or my magnificent obsession. As a coach for many years, I’ve worked with people through the ups and downs of their businesses and seen many of them crack the code and go on to become great earners. Some seem to get great satisfaction out of their success, yet most don’t even recognize it or worse they never enjoy and celebrate it at all.

Got Hope?

“Hope” is such a small word, but it means everything! Without hope, you are hopeless.

Pushing Back Change: Waiting For Normal To Return

When change occurs, it forces us to straddle the divide between the two normals. One foot is firmly planted in our past – the way things used to be. There, in our old normal, we enjoy the luxury of the known. That is where we feel confident, comfortable and safe. On the other side of the chasm, the other foot is firmly planted by circumstances beyond our control. many of us find it exceedingly challenging to succeed on this far side of the chasm and foolishly make the decision to wait things out until circumstances return to normal and both feet are once again planted on the correct side. BUT what if circumstances don’t return to normal? What if the new circumstances ARE the new normal?

Why Being Vulnerable Makes You A Better Leader

Whoever we are, however we look and whatever role we play in the world, we all have similar hopes and fears, ambitions and desires. We all experience loss, grief, love and achievement.

Is Procrastination Hurting You?

Well, I was warned. My husband told me to months ago to clean up my computer, wipe it clean, use a backup drive, and update the operating system.

How to Stop Being Lazy and Procrastinating

We all procrastinate at times. Sometimes it’s even a good idea to set something aside and procrastinate on it. But when that changes from the occasional item to everything we encounter, it’s time to stop being so lazy, get up off that comfy chair and actually do something!

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