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The Force of Life

The force of life is passion. If you can get yourself to be passionate enough, you can do almost anything. Passion will give you the drive to accomplish even the hardest tasks. Passion will sparkle the imagination and make you more imaginative and creative. Passion will increase your focus and determination. Passion is the catalyst that will turn the invisible into the visible.

That ‘Magnificent Obsession’ – Nurturing & Holding It

This sort of obsession–a magnificent one–is worthy of any life. “There is something infinitely better than making a living: It is making a noble life.” We see here an obsession of an unusual kind. Do you know how to nurture it and hold it? Come with me and discover how to protect and preserve it.

How People Are Motivated About Work

There are three main theories about how people feel about work, these can be adjusted to new theories about you, and the real reason we are motivated to work. What are the various theories of motivation, and which one matches you?.

Productivity Tip – Beat Procrastination by Timing Yourself

Discover the powerful benefit that comes from setting a countdown timer while you work on your to-do lists. You will find yourself being more productive than ever.

The Real Challenge is Staying Motivated When You’re Feeling Down

I’ve been “riding a wave” of creatively for a few months now. I knew that level of intensity could not be maintained indefinitely. It was just a matter of time before I’d be in the doldrums again. There are many reasons why you fall into a time of creative inactivity. Perhaps you’ve become impatient or frustrated, maybe you’re not living the life you desire and maybe the reasons for your “slump” elude you.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

The power of your subconscious mind is unlimited. It’s the storehouse of your memory, but it’s much more as well. You are today the result of your habitual thinking. In truth, whatever you want to do, become, achieve, or accomplish, you can and will make it become a reality by tapping in and enlisting the aid of your subconscious mind. Do it and watch your life change.

What Controls Our Lives?

A discussion of what really determines the kind of life we live. Is it our thoughts? Actions? Feelings? Goals?

How to Determine What Motivates You

Self-Motivation often depends on your individual circumstances, and your own individual attitudes towards others, society and work. How do you find out what really motivates you?

Finding and Living Your Passion

Have you ever been at a point in your life where you wondered what your true purpose was? Where you felt like something was missing, that you were living without passion or purpose?

Is Tony Robbins a Scam? Decide For Yourself With This Review

Tony Robbins is a corporate motivational speaker and self help coach. Besides being a philanthropist helping to feed millions across the world. His Anthony Robbins Foundation is also involved in other humanitarian activities like helping senior citizens and troubled teens. Let us see if there is any basis in what is known as the Tony Robbins Scam.

What is Your Motivation?

Many people have different things that motivate them into action. Some people are motivated by money and some by prestige and some by the prize that awaits on the other side. What ever the case we all have something that motivates and drives us into action mode if we say we don’t we are only kidding ourselves. The key is to find that one thing that motivates us and press forward towards the mark.

Musings on Motivation After Relocating

Too many times, we sabotage our efforts by letting our thoughts and fears overpower us. Here are some inspiring thoughts on how to keep yourself motivated in difficult times.

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