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6 Initial Steps of Motivation Begins With You

Both children and adults avoid depressed or stubborn people and gravitate to enthusiastic, growth-oriented individuals. These natural leaders share several characteristics. They know and like themselves, take control, demonstrate flexibility, accept responsibility, and live fully. Principals must motivate themselves to become upbeat and growth oriented if they expect to find these traits in others.

Unlocking Your Personal Motivation – No One Can Breathe For You

The truth is, no one can breath for you. This is a very personal action that we take, every minute of every day. This is a fact that is obvious to everyone once it is brought to their attention. Amazingly, the same is true for motivation. However, many of us act as if the feeling of motivation comes from outside of us. We rationalize the reasons why we are not motivated today. And tomorrow will be totally different. This is the key to unlocking your personal motivation.

Find Perspective And Empowerment With 2 Essential Self-Help Secrets

This article discusses how we can of pull back from our habitual ways of reacting to problems. This allows the possibility of tapping a more creative side of our brain, that can also see the situation from a higher perspective.

Our Biggest Fear

We all have fears and actually it’s quite normal to have fears. Some will fear heights where others may fear the dark.

A New Year – A New You

It never fails; when a new year approaches the commercials, billboards and magazine advertisements all focus on resolutions. Many of those advertisements merely instill false hope.

Stop Setting Goals, Start GETTING Them

In traditional success programs, the very first thing they told us to do was “set your goals”. So how come so many people keep setting their goals… and not reaching them? If you’ve read any of my books or watched my videos, you know that a big part of my job is to examine traditional success myths and turn them on their heads.

Does a Famous Slogan Capture the Essence of All That Is Self Help?

With so much media available to us, it is very easy to get “sucked in” and lose focus on what we really set out to accomplish. We start the day with a clear intention, and then before you know it, distraction takes place. Time flies by, and then you enter guilt mode for looking at your long to- do list and the only thing accomplished, is your new found knowledge of Jesse James and Kat Von D dating.

Resolutions To Consider To Stay Productive, Motivated, And Positive For The Rest Of The Year

So it’s that time of year again where people make resolutions to somehow make their lives better for the coming year. It’s a great thought really, who wouldn’t want the promise of looking at the new year full of positive changes. If you are like me, and have seen your resolutions vanish very shortly after you make them, then consider these resolutions to help you stay on track for the rest of the year.

The Reward Motivation Technique

We all go through hard times. In such situations, we think of things that we should have done better. We should have maintained a healthy life style; we should have got ourselves educated or we should have tried to find a better job.

What Motivates You To Change Your Life?

If you sense that your life isn’t the way you would like it to be, if you are unhappy about a situation that has been going on for ages or if you feel like you are stuck in a rut and really would like to make changes, yet nothing happens and you go on doing he same things without the motivation to do something different. You need something to motivate you to change and that may be a chance remark someone makes when you start to moan about your situation and they say, ‘Well, what are you…

How to Motivate Yourself When You’re Down

Sometimes life happens and if that results in you feeling down and unable to continue with an important job or a project you’ve been working on then here are some ways to motivate yourself once more. However bear in mind that sometimes your body mind and spirit need a time to recuperate and re-charge if something untoward has happened and it’s better to accept that your lack of progress is part of your process of recovery. Start a new project.

Get Out of Your Familiar Zone

Every one of us lives in two Environments- our Outer Environment and our Inner Environment. Your Outer Environment consists of your Home and Work lives; your Inner Environment consists of your Emotional and Spiritual lives.

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