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Who Told You to Stop Dreaming?

If you dream something, it can be achieved. Many people dream of doing things with the ultimate ending being a better life. The “Good Life.” So what’s stopping you from living the “good life?”

Overwhelmed by Life? 5 Steps to Taking Back Control of Your Life

Do you find that too often you are overwhelmed by life? How does a person keep from feeling swamped, unproductive and over-extended? Apply these 5 basic steps to your business and take charge of your life again!

What You Think is What You Can Become

Business people think of business, that’s why they conduct business. A business person imagines huge earnings that is why they create multiple streams of income. Basically, they believe that success can be achieve by having a business, not a stable job! In Fact, it is believed that stable jobs can only create a stable life, not a successful life…

How to Get Through Tough Times

We all face times of trial. Those are the times we may feel like we don’t have the answers and that we don’t know if we can handle what we were just given. Even though this sounds crazy, those are the times we can be at our personal best.

It’s Game Time

We have all been there and know that feeling of nervous butterflies flying around in the pit of our stomach. I awoke this morning and felt this feeling of anxiety and restlessness. At first I wasn’t sure why I was feeling nervous and even as I sit here and write I’m still not exactly sure.

Is Your Story Destroying Your Motivation?

What is your story? Depending on your story, motivation can be hard to come by. The stories we have in our lives are what create our beliefs and motivation. Beliefs and motivation cause us to act; they produce the results of our lives.

Has Your Wake-Up Call Arrived?

A wake-up call is a resounding signal received that change is necessary in your life. Often we get this type of call when a crisis or deeply challenging situation has emerged. Clients ask me, “What is crisis in our lives? How can we tell we’re heading into crisis, versus simply going through a really bad patch?” What are the signs of “breakdown,” as I tend to call it?

Deprivation is a Good Motivation

If today, you are not deprived of your success, I believe you will have a hard time to make big bucks! Deprivation makes you do things that you don’t often do. It encourages you to take calculated risks.

Best Motivational Quotes From Oprah Winfrey to Start Your Day

Do you feel uninspired lately? Do you feel like going to work or to school is a total chore? Here is a collection of ten motivational quotes from Oprah Winfrey that is sure to give one a much needed boost of inspiration.

Impatient For Patience?

Many people lack patience. They are always in a hurry. You may fall into this category. If so, many additional problems can occur when you are impatient. You often miss good opportunities in life, because you are too anxious to take the time to conduct thorough research or wait. You may experience increased stress, because everyday is a hectic pace. More importantly, you rarely find time to enjoy the simple things in life.

Stop Procrastinating by Using Your Mind

If only you can think about a problem differently and see with your mind’s eye a different outcome, you will be committed to completion and procrastination will be something in your past. To get yourself committed to completion of any task, regardless of the excitement or rather, lack of excitement level, you should change the way you think about the task.

Find Happiness and Motivation – Be a Super Decision Maker

How do you make up your mind, quickly or slowly? Do you change your mind a lot, or rarely? You may want to change the way you make decisions if you are not very good at it, because it is a very important skill. It’s important for several reasons, but the main reason is that in general people who make decisions very quickly, and change their minds very slowly, are more likely to have greater success in life in many ways.

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