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Can You Can Can? What You Can Do If You Really Go For It

Have you ever spent three weeks working intensely on a challenging goal? If you have, you were probably amazed at what you achieved. This article is about how non dancers learned the Can Can in three weeks flat and found this a life changing experience. It is also about what you and I could achieve if we really went for it.

ABCs for High Achievers

This is an example of a popular exercise that can be applied to any topic. Give it a try with a specific goal or project you are involved with. It’s a great self-motivator and idea generator.

The Most Courageous People in the World

Do you know how to fight the killer disease of complacency?

The Power Of Rules – Petty, Petty, Petty Rules

The article looks at the importance and power of rules in turning people’s lives round. Rules should be kept even if, at the time, they seem petty and pointless. People who can keep seemingly petty rules develop powerful and constructive characters

Success: It’s Really Pretty Simple

Success usually comes through a combination of resourcefulness and determination to solve any challenge.

The Harmless Lump That Opened My Eyes

Sooner or later there comes a time when we realize that life gives no guarantees. All of our plans and dreams can be demolished in a second. When we fully realize that, it becomes more important than ever to cherish what we have.

Realistic Dreams

The wish to have or be something, especially one that seems difficult to achieve is an innate desire in every one of us. The quest of all mankind, whether it is admitted or not, is for a life of significance. For any youth to live a life of significance he or she needs a focus to achieve his or her dreams or goals in life but many who have eyes perish for lack of vision and sometimes we need to be blind before we can truly see. Most young people are dreamers, living tin their dreams and forgetting that a dream is not something that you make up from, but something that wakes you up. Some sleep while they live; others live what they dream.

The Simple Life

When we talk about a Simple Life, we are not talking about Paris and Nicole. We are talking about a life that is in harmony with our values. We are talking about a life that is joyful to live.

Nurturing Your Vision

In our childhood we all had visions of being “something”, a fireman, policeman, astronaut, president, etc. As we grew older those visions might have been replaced with others, but there was always a vision of who and what we would be. Do you remember yours? Do you remember graduating and starting your first job? Didn’t you have a vision of where your life would go? Do you still have it? Has it changed? Do you even look at it?

Spring! Time for Love and New Beginnings

The horizon screams of spring and the budding trees, tulips poking their head above the soil and thoughts of romance and love fill our hearts and minds. Are you ready for what awaits you? Well, if not, we need to get started right away!

Explanations?… or Excuses?

Explanations are often excuses in disguise. Learn how to tell the difference and how to stop excuses from holding you back.

I Should Be Doing… But…?

What a perfect fall Saturday morning, clear sunny blue sky, with a crisp breeze blowing. It’s just the one I’ve been waiting for to begin that yearly regimen, Fall Clean Up. Throwing on some old work…

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