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Cast Out Negativity

Negativity by the very word suggests something bad or even worse. Yes! That’s right. Thinking of negative thoughts makes your life hell. Unnecessary thinking over a subject without a particular reason, against trust or faith, success or even simply a relationship, can ruin you. Negativity implies a nature a person possesses which ruins his or hers life along with affecting those around. Negativity is a horrifying quality, which every individual has, but when a person starts relying on it then negativity becomes a big issue.

Become The Director and Producer of Your Life

I believe that each of us are the directors and producers of our own lives. We decide whether our lives will be a hit or a miss. And when you are the director and producer of your life, anything is possible. As the director, your role is to decide how you want your story to play out. Will it be a melodrama, a horror flick, a comedy, a tragedy or an action-adventure?

Bad Habits – How to Eradicate Them Forever

New Year’s resolutions are notorious for not being carried through. They generally last just a few weeks, a month at most. But it’s not the only time we make promises to correct bad habits is it? There is an easier way; it is important to understand how habits form…

What Is Intuition And What Can It Do For You?

Some theorists think that intuition is a learned response mechanism based on past experiences. But if this were the case, then how are impromptu insights, and responsive actions triggered when an individual never had similar experiences?

Another Concept in Intuitive Action

In a recent blog, author Brent Edwards elaborates on the differences between “strategic intuition” and “expert intuition.” When we have achieved a level of heightened awareness, we find that the two variations of these often misunderstood phenomena go hand in hand in not only the decisions that we make, but also in living our lives purposefully and in the present moment. Edwards, in his interview with published author William Duggan, discovers that strategic intuition is a more thought-out plan to action by facilitating insightful means and ways through an “A-ha moment.

How to Beat Procrastination

Surefire ways to beat procrastination for once and for all. Two techniques that are easy to implement to ensure your success. Uses the example of clearing an out-of-control desk.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected Challenges in Life!

When you encounter new challenges in our life, how are you going to handle them? Run, fear or defeat and conquer all of your challenges. Challenges are simply walls that are meant to be torn down, unfortunately a new wall usually appears before you very own eyes. What will you do? How will you handle this? Below is an example of stories I hear from individuals who usually do not respond well to new challenges, especially ones that are not familiar to them.

Motivation And The Need For It in Our Lives?

Motivation is what makes a person want to achieve and take action towards whatever is desired, it is the singlemost important trait of the successful person, without motivation there is no desire to achieve. It is what drives you Motivation is that thing that drives a person to constantly steer and correct themselves towards the impending goal. Motivation for any person must also come from within and It must be felt from the heart and mind, it must be the only thing that is important at that point in time.

3-D’s of Recovery

Why is life is not working out? If you are trying to do your best and cannot find happiness, then something has to give. Change is inevitable. How do we minimize the impact yet maximize the result? I originally wrote 3-D’s in April 1998 and then forgot about it. It still speaks to me today and I want to share some of what was, in part, my growth process.

Inspired Action

Inspired Action: For many of us, it’s a cool idea, but how do we do it? Let’s take a scenario where we want to attract $10,000 into our life. Our current day job is not going to bring us that opportunity. We are also not getting any inspired moneymaking ideas. What’s going wrong? Well, here’s a crazy idea…

Breaking The Habit

If there is a habit that is not allowing you to make an improvement in your life, what would that habit be? Create and practice habits that support how you want to be, and notice how you gain more confidence and be ready to take on new opportunities.

How to Get Motivated

Motivation is a psychological feature that calls a person to action. It is a type of inspiration, inducement or incentive that drives a person forward.

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