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Motivation By Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a great motivator. Why confine it to Spring?

Comment on Extra Ordinary Men of Our Time

Remember during the missions of Apollo. And others we knew every astronaut by name, we made them heroes. We celebrated their bravery. And they were brave too. If you ever get to Alamogordo Space Museum, Lyndon B Johnson Space Center in Houston or Kennedy Space Center and Museum in FL and look at the little tuna cans these guys went up in space in you then know just how brave they were.

Do More! Learn More! Create More! Live More!

You can do more, be more, learn more and create more than you ever dreamed! Follow in the footsteps of a great man of history, Roger Sherman, signer of the Declaration of Independence!

The Simple Secret To Lasting Motivation

It is easy for psychologists to predict how successful you will be by observing who you spend your time with. Why is this true? Because your peer group exerts a massive influence over your behavior and your aspirations.

If I Had 24 Hours To Live

If you had 24 hours to live and knew for a fact that you would be leaving this earth, would you be happy with the life that you led?

Secrets to Motivating Yourself and Others

There is hardly anything more personal that what motivates each of us to perform in a work environment. Here’s some insight into how to choose the best “carrot” to motivate both yourself… and others.

Are You A “Visionary”

Dreams may seem unimportant in your quest for success. And it’s true that ordinary dreams are often a mix of what happened during your day –plus some “wild” random associations.

12 Reflections on Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility means choosing to design a life that honors our values and purpose. Here are twelve reflections on personal responsibility and designing a life of value and satisfaction…

Today’s Trivia

I discover my living room has more potential than I had thought…

Making A Lot Out Of A Little – Use It Or Lose It

Great players in a game are the ones that always seem to have time to spare. They have the same time as any of the other players but their capacity to anticipate the next phase of play is what gives them the time.

You Want Me to Do What?

Insanity = Doing the same things over and over expecting different results.

The Biggest Mistake You’ve Made About Manifesting

What is the biggest mistake you have made about manifesting your desires? You will be surprised by the answer and you probably thought it was the best thing you could do to achieve your desires. However, this mistake has made your desires 100 times more difficult to achieve.

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