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How to Get Lateral Thinking and Intuition Happening Quickly

Have you ever been keen, motivated, and eager to start writing, only to find your fingers are not moving, because your brain is gridlocked? Every few words seem slow to evolve, and there is no free flow of thought. The more willpower and logic you apply, the more stressed you get, and less creative is your output. There is an explanation, and a couple of solutions, to get your creative juices flowing.

Unstuck From the Moment We Can’t Get Out Of

Synonymous with the U2 song, “Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of”, we all have periods that are rut-like. Whether it’s a relationship, a career going nowhere, or a habit out of control, there is hope. Becoming unstuck is a process commending truth, patience, self-discipline and wisdom. (12 ideas for change included.)

One Day at a Time – Deal or No Deal?

Successful living is found in being present, leveraged from the dealt-with past and authentically hopeful for the future. The mechanism is famously, one day at a time. Such a mechanism is a habit – the king of all good habits.

A Life Filled With Passion

Passion is an ever burning flame, a consuming fire, a desperate hunger that cannot be satisfied, an aching thirst than cannot be quenched. Passion is your soul on fire. What would it mean to live with that kind of passion?

How To Introduce A Motivational Speaker

Before a motivational speaker gives out their presentation, they are first introduced by the host of the event or the function. The host must acquire the speakers information and educational background so that he/she may do a proper introduction of the speaker.

10 Minutes to Unlimited Motivation!

Motivation is behind our every move and its lack will seize our existence. It was not more than 3 months ago that I had to submit my working hours through my company’s online website. A process that usually takes no more than 5-10 minutes. All I had to do was login automatically (meaning I did not even have to remember the password!) and click on some boxes and that was it. I was done!

Older Athletes Refuse to Retire

How old is too old, when athletes are over the hill and ought to begin considering retirement? Each individual is unique. Some athletes keep going, like the energizer bunny, whereas others retire early in their career.

Where To Get Motivation

Sometimes you feel like you are much uninspired to do your job, go out on a nice day, party on a wonderful night, or even wake up in the morning. You might be ignoring this certain feeling, but this is not healthy. What you need is motivation.

Wealth Creation and Red Packets

We’ve just celebrated the Chinese (Lunar) New Year. One of the traditions of this festival is the giving of red envelopes or packets known as Ya Sui Qian which almost always contain money.

Where Is It That We Go From Here?

Fate for every person is their own ultimate battle. Each person and their destiny is decided by the actions taken in that battle. Every stake is high even in resting moments out of the battle of life and existence, for every moment is the championship game without moments of rest or real breaks that really stop the game.

Choices: Learn to Make Effective Decisions

Do you hesitate to move into your personal power? Are you afraid of negative consequences? Are you withholding a potential blessing? Let me encourage you…

Tools You Need for Great Tennis

The U.S. Open has begun. Tennis fans anticipating upsets are waiting to see how it will all play out in the finals on the stadium courts.

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