GET UP AND CONQUER THE DAY – Best Motivational Speeches On Success

Difference Maker Principles

One of the wisest men ever to live was a King called Solomon. After much study and much learning King Solomon made a very important observation.

The Value Factor

If you do not know your value, you will sell yourself short like Chuck. If you do not know your value to the organization, you will accept a salary much lower than you deserve.

The Integrity Deficit

Integrity Gives Birth to Trust. When one’s word can be taken at its face value, it follows that his word can be trusted. Integrity therefore gives birth to trust.

Stop Preparing and Start Living Now

Few inventions have had such a profound impact on human life as the telephone. Financial figures reveal that the telephone is the most profitable device ever to be patented.

One Life to Live Once – The Greatest Gift

By all standards, Jacqueline Onasis Kenedy was an illustrious woman. She had the rare privilege of being the first lady of the United States by virtue of her marriage to the even more illustrious John F Kennedy. After Kennedy’s tragic death she married a Greek shipping magnate whose net worthy was many billions of dollars. She also outlived him.

Lead Yourself Into a Brave New World

The primacy of human agency reigns supreme in the affairs of men. To have something new, you have got to do something that you have never done before. You cannot continue to do what you have always done and expect different results.

Born to Make a Difference

Man’s most salient and precious gift is his life. And it is given him once to live. That being the case he should so live that in dying he may not be besmirched by the shame of a timid existence.

The Secrets of Motivated People

The secrets of motivated people are there for all to see. There is nothing extraordinary or special in what they do and we all have the ability to do the same. Unfortunately, for most people we lack the inclination to do the simple things well and that is our biggest downfall. What successful people find easy to do, unsuccessful people find hard to do. I am sure you have heard that being said before and it might have made you think for a brief moment to do something about it, but it is only by taking action that things will start to happen.

Sadness Into Gladness – How to Make it Happen

Get rid of the sadness and take hold of the gladness! These transformation tools work. Whether it’s a relationship gone south, a work situation from hell, or the everyday challenges of life, you’ll be surprised what jewels are inside…

Aiming Beyond Your Intention

Accepting lower than we aimed for is about an attitude of taking second best. Have a vision, take action that backs up the vision and then capitalize on the additional opportunities that come your way.

Today, the Best Day of My Life

Stating, “This is the best day of my life” may sound unusual but if we consider the basis of it we realize it is a truth that cannot be debated. We are living in no other day except this one and have only it to spend. Today will pass and whatever happened will remain forever, never to be available again.

Motivation Techniques That Work

Motivation can sometimes be like a roller coaster. One minute you are extremely motivated and the next you suffer from a complete lack. Our emotional patterns are similar, full of this up and down.

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