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Your License Is Suspended

As I drove down the highway the other day, I couldn’t believe that I was sharing the road with such terrible drivers. The traffic was moving along at about 120 KPH (75 MPH) and here are some of the things I saw.

7 Tips on Keeping Promises You Make to Yourself

How do you get motivated to do or become what you have been saying you want to do or become? Do you wait for opportunities to pass you by? Do you punish yourself by not following through? Here’s how to stay motivated and excited to keep those promises you make to yourself so that you can greet opportunities with excitement instead of dread!

You Can Do It – The Sky’s The Limit!

You can do it! If there is something that you want to do before you die, write it down and put the wheels in motion until it becomes a reality. Go out and live your dreams!

Motivation – The Two Key Ingredients

Why is it so hard to keep yourself motivated? Because we approach the subject of motivation backwards. Find out the two key ingredients to keeping yourself inspired and eager for life!

There is So Much Within You

The reason most people struggle in this world is because they have not discovered the potentials within them. Humans were created to discover and unleash their potentials, it is a pity only few have done this and are enjoying the benefits.

What Adversities Do to Us

When we fall most times, what we think of doing is to give up. Majority of people do this and they never become what they were meant to be in life. Adversities should be seen as our friend because of all we are going to gain from them at the end of the day.

It Pays to Have a Dream!

The beginning of every known achievement is a dream. So many people are struggling in life because they have nothing they are living for. I have taken the time to list dreamers of ages past and how to use dreaming to change one’s life.

You Can, If You Think You Can

We gain success by inwardly knowing and feeling that we can achieve. We gain success by following the inspiration of strength of mind, willpower, call it what you may; it is self-discipline that is so desirable and deeper than the fathomless depths of living. We can achieve, because we think or truly believe we can.

Your Imagination is Powerful!

We have heard that we attract what we think about most times. There is REALLY huge power in the things that we imagine. I have imagined a lot of things years ago and they are happening to me now. Read this article and change your life.

Imagination Rules the World

By just being imaginative, you can alter your life. So many people have used imagination to change their lives and you can join this club as well. No matter what you are now, this article will help you to be more imaginative.

You Can’t Move Forward If You Are Standing On Your Own Hem

When do you take a chance? When do you have a dream and go for it? And when do you stop yourself because the status quo is so very safe? You can’t move forward if you are standing on your own hem.

Continuing Education – Keep Your Mind Sharp

Most times when people think of continuing education they picture a college or a trade school, but really those are only a couple of possibilities and not the most common. Are you growing as an individual? Are you interested in growing, or does that thought make you yawn?

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