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Procrastination Buster – The Value Of A List

A list is one of the basic components for breaking through procrastination. Most waste time because they do not know what to do next. Tired of living life according to the circumstances that arise. Begin to take control of your life by making a list of what you want to accomplish.

A Big Swift Kick in the Butt

Where are you stuck in life? And what do you need to get unstuck?

The Power of No

I remember it clearly, the first time I said NO. I thought I was going to lose my job because of it. I was in my early 20’s and working as Secretary to the Marketing Manager of a company that manufactured and sold air compressors. As part of the job I also did projects for some of the engineers.

Showing Up As Your Authentic Self

Since the day my wife started her business, I have shared the journey with her and embraced the new world that she has entered into. It is amazing to see the transformation that can happen when a woman (or man) recognizes the greatness that is within them and opens themselves up to a journey of enlightenment, growth and discovery. I have met many women who are simply phenomenal.

If You See It You Will Achieve It

Everyone has a vision of how they would like their life to be. I find often that people get too caught up in the big picture to see the path that they are supposed to follow. They get caught up in the mundane and lose focus. By using the power of visualization, people are able to accomplish so much more.

How to Guarantee Confidence For Yourself!

Where does confidence come from? Is it something you’re born with? Or is it learned? What can you do to improve it?

Simple Ways for Recognizing Procrastination

There are various ways of recognizing procrastination such as by observing other people responses. A manager wants to get the work done but might not find fault in an individual’s work, knowing that they have the habit of postponing the work, till eleventh hour.

Sharing Your Personal Mission Statement and Vision Statement

Statements do not make vision a reality. People do. It is through the sharing of one’s mission statement and vision statement that empowers and builds a common bond or caring. This is true for an individual, family, workplace or business.

Changing Habits the Easy Way – 5 Steps to Change Your Habits for the Better

To change a habit, we have to change the direction we have been going. Not only do we have to stop engaging in a certain habit, but we also have to let go of certain beliefs, add new beliefs, and develop brand new habits. All this requires planning, laying the groundwork for successful change, and engaging in new and often-uncomfortable behaviors. The article below is designed to help you move beyond sheer willpower and instead apply proven success strategies that can ensure permanent results.

My Advice – Get Out of Your Own Way

My story of professional self-discovery in a hectic business world. I share what worked for a long, long time, and how I came to change my perception of Business-As-Usual.

Get Moving to Get Motivated

Motivation comes after action. If you wait for motivation, you will never get going. Take massive action and then enjoy the motivation.

Reinventing Yourself

Most people fear change. That’s totally normal. But you know what? The best way to deal with change is to embrace it and to look at it as an opportunity to reinvent yourself.

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