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How to Recognize 6 Basic Causes of Procrastination That Prevent You From Achieving Success

Six basic causes of procrastination are discussed. Although the list is not exhaustive, these six basic forms of procrastination are common causes of lack of success in internet marketing. It is important to recognize them and deal with them if you want to realize a successful internet business.

Strategies For Improving Your Relationships, Health, and Productivity in 2009

The new year is upon us and we are all reflecting on the past and our goals for the future. The most important goals we can set for ourselves are those that help us achieve satisfaction with life. As you write down your resolutions for the new year try following some of these tips to improve your relationships, health, and productivity to create a more satisfying life.

Motivational Speaker – Here’s What They Do and Why You Need One

A motivational speaker is likely to be the best investment you ever made. More so in times of recession when managers may have almost run out of ideas on how to motivate their people and keep them inspired. Read on learn why.

Learning to Compete

The tools to compete in a highly competitive arena are imperative to whether you win or lose. Knowing when and where is better than guessing. Knowledge is power.

The Only New Year’s Resolution You’ll Ever Need

Instead of attacking “bad habits” one by one, why not break the ultimate habit — the habit of living from habit. Each year I make just one New Year’s resolution: to live each day consciously and creatively. Awareness dissolves old habit patterns more effectively than willpower. Conscious living keeps your mind sharper, your body healthier and your heart happier. You begin to live in the paradise of the present moment.

New Years Resolutions Made Easy

This article is will teach you how to really make your New Years Resolution stick. If you want 2009 to be a great year for you then you need to read this.

Hard Times

As the end of 2008 comes closer and closer it appears that these financial times are going from bad to worse. Every day a new and greater problem manifests itself. We could not have imagined the chaos that is spinning towards us, obliterating everything in its path.

From “Ouch! That Hurts!” to “Wow! I Feel Good!”

The pain of inaction must be greater than the pain of moving forward. Only then will you have a better time with uncertainty. The quality of your life is determined by the amount of uncertainty that you can comfortably live with.

Personal Development Through Positive Self Motivation

Harness The Power of Positive Self Motivation to make you a real winner in the game of life. Take a moment to consider some of these real action steps you can take towards improving your over all personal development.

What is it That Motivates You

Motivation is a call to action; a thought that says it’s time to move on an idea. It is the mind that makes the call; it’s time to create an experience or demonstrate physically a thought in action. And the physical world is the playground for thoughts manifested into experience.

Ten Top Tips For Achieving a Millionaire Mindset in 2009

It’s that time of year when everyone starts making New Year Resolutions. Here are ten top resolutions to make and keep all year to achieve that Millionaire Mindset.

Positive Motivation!

We all need motivation. What does it for you? As a life coach some people firmly believe that I always feel positive, motivated and ‘up’. While that’s true to a large extent because I am simply blessed with an optimistic nature, a lot of it comes from learning to find the positive in situations. We can all do the same.

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