Gut Health Expert on How Fiber Optimizes Your Microbiome | Dr. Will Bulsiewicz on Health Theory

Debunking the Debunkers

In a recent article published on a celebrity gossip website, a British study on the psychic ability of two “top psychics” reportedly found no unusual psychic ability evident in either of the test subjects. The study, conducted by Goldsmith’s University in London, asked the psychics to “identify characteristics of five randomly selected people who sat behind a screen.”

Your Fast Car – Your Future

Wherever you are on the road to sharing your message, self-knowledge is a powerful thing. From this place you can choose to make your present into an active principle – or not.

Defining Your Life

Most people haven’t taken the time to define what they want in matters of life, love, finances, or their career. Life happens, events unfold, and we simply accept them and assess them as something we like, dislike, or perhaps simply accept.

How To Stay On-Track: Real-Time Accountability

99%+ of people struggle with motivation and staying on-track with their goals. Want the solution? Try real-time accountability.

5 Crucial Zig Ziglar Quotes Business Owners Should Memorize

Zig Ziglar passed away November 28th, 2012. Here’s his legacy summed up in 5 quotes.

Own Your NOW?

The actions you are taking or have failed to take, the emotions you have felt or are feeling and the attitude you have projected or will project to the world, in this moment, are directing the meaning and fulfilment you feel, moulding how you future will unfold and dictating the level of happiness you are experiencing or will experience. Do you not think that something this important should be invested as wisely as possible? How are you spending or investing your every NOW?

Are You the Roadblock to Creating a Better Life?

What do you want out of life? We are often caught in the circle of life that too often we settle for the good life instead of the better life that we’ve always dreamt of having.

Do You Deserve to Be Successful?

I received some really inspiring feedback from a 72 year old gentleman yesterday in which he affirms that, had he just committed to carry out small daily disciplines throughout his life, he would have managed to achieve so much more. He also affirmed that had he focused his energy daily and not spent his life spinning his wheels, “NO-Thing” was beyond his reach. Well the great news for Samuel and everyone else, who reads my daily articles, is that, wherever you are right now and whatever stage you are in your life that is the perfect place…

Beyond the Magic of Disney

Over the last several weeks, I think I finally figured out the secret to the magic of success. It’s funny how you can stare at something for so long and not see the obvious. You might even be able to name it, but not recognize it as the Secret. We’re so hoping to figure it out that we’ll even run desperately in the direction of anybody who claims to have unlocked it. We’ll spend enormous amounts of money trying to gain insider access.

How Your Inspiration Helps You Prosper Online

Your inspiration is a very significant factor in exactly how profitable online you may become! The fact is that when you have a passion for what you do, it helps you to stay focused and motivated! Read more to see 3 ways in which your level of inspiration can predict how successful your online business becomes!

The Secret Of Personal Coaching And How You Can Improve Your Life

For one to excel in sports, business or even personal development such as confidence building, one needs personal coaching. All great sportsman, politicians and even successful parenting need coaching to do well.

10 Motivation Killers and How to Avoid Them

Everyone of us starts the day thinking: “This will be an amazing day.” No one knowingly makes his or her own day suck. Yet, as we go through the day, we loose our positive mindset and end up having an “OK” day. Here are 10 tips to rock your day and 10 pitfalls to avoid.

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