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Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Men

In every strata of our society today there is a decided lack of peace. It is evident in broken homes, tattered lives and social ills too numerous to mention…we are indeed not experiencing “peace on earth” nor showing “goodwill” toward each other.

Happy New Year Questions to Make This Year Your Best Ever

Allow a quiet moment to stop and notice yourself. Take stock of how wonderful you already are. Who you are is more valuable than what you do. Because of who you are, the people who come into your world are touched and changed. Your very presence effects others. Your worth as a person is not based on your intelligence, your income, or how hard you work. It is enough to be you. The ideas you have, the feelings you possess, the words that live in your heart are the important things. This year, live life true to your own Spirit.

2016 is a 9 Year – A Year of Success, Completion and Change

2016 is a year that ends a nine year cycle. As with all endings comes the realization of certain truths in our lives. In a nine year you get the opportunity to reassess decisions you’ve made or did not make over the past nine years

Focus and Concentration Can Help Your Online Business

Learn how to concentrate and focus your time in order to succeed more in your business. When you are fully focused and you are able to concentrate solely on that task at hand, you’ll find your mind is not clogged with useless, unwanted thoughts that keep you from your goals. You’re not letting worries and stress rule your life and keep you from true…

Living Your Life And Loving It – 3 Enabling Steps

All of us, I am sure, wish for a life of abundance, health and wealth, relationships and what have you. There are those who are born with a silver spoon and blessed with good fortune throughout their lives. Luck seems to go with them wherever they go, well at least most of the times. Do you want to know the secrets to their success?

Managing Change

How well do you manage change in your life? It’s an important question, as practically every philosopher in history has pointed out, because change is the only constant in life; it’s the one thing we can really count on. In this article I’ll outline some things you can do to face change head on and meet it with strength, courage, and grace.

Why Projecting Authority Leads People Hypnotically

Natural leaders, great businessmen and inspiring teachers all have the ability to create hypnotic realities that lead others. This is hypnosis in the truest sense of the word.

Motivation – Simple Tips to Motivate Yourself To Achieve Anything!

Motivation can help you achieve anything you desire but how do you motivate yourself to achieve your goals? It’s not simply a question of saying I am motivated, if this was the case everyone would achieve there goals and fact is most do not. To achieve positive motivation and more importantly keep motivated you need to channel two character traits.

Get Going and Take Action – Head For Success With Your Personal Motivation Plan

Overcome the hurdles in life that are preventing success and happiness. Develop your own personal motivation plan. Bring clarity of purpose in your daily actions – career, family, finances. Bring vision and meaning to your purpose. Support your purpose and vision with clearly defined goals. Propel yourself to success by achieving your goals with your innate self motivating techniques.

Achievers Don’t Do Great Things – They Only Decide Its Not Over Yet

Successful people become successful not because they do things differently. No! They become high flyers online because they do the small things that matter in great ways and never give up despite the challenges and obstacles that stand in their way. Successful people understand the words of Christopher Morley; “Big shots are only little shots that keep shooting.”

Why America Loves John Daly

John Daly represents a common ground for America’s people. His roller coaster life has been well documented and sadly, he is known for his blunders and flaws before his golf skill and perseverance. As sports pages and CNN are viewed around the world, news of Daly’s most recent mishap invites a sneaky grin from most. Deep down, each of us is drawn closer to celebrities when they fall. America loves the tie they feel with Daly as evidenced by his huge popularity and star status.

A Fresh Start

In order to make room for the New Year, it is very important to close out the past and get clear on what your desires are.

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