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Tips to Stay Motivated

Do you find hard to get motivated? Do you feel your motivation level is completely diminished? Do you think now it’s impossible to get it back? I know these questions are quite common for all of us but no one know the way to get the motivation back, after reading this article you will find tips to stay motivated.

How To Get Out Of A Slump

With all the pressure that we put ourselves under nowadays, it is my observation with clients that we very rarely allow ourselves to admit just how bad things are sometimes. We bravely soldier on, both men and women, wearing the masks of optimism for way too long. It is not common for us to show the world, even people closest to us, what is truly happening on the inside.

Peloton or Breakaway?

“If you brake, you don’t win.” -Mario Cipollini. It’s that time of year again where I jump on my stationary bike in front of my TV and turn on the Tour de France. It’s easy to disappear into the twists and turns of the French countryside. You can almost feel the breeze as the course makes it’s way down hill. The crowd of onlookers is rabid in their collective enthusiasm for their home country favorites, so much so that they narrow the course at some points to barely impassible; an adrenaline rush!

Predict Your Future by Creating It

Life does not always give us what we expect. Stop looking for the “blessings in disguise.” There are no disguises. Treat everything as a blessing and your life will be transformed.

Now Is the Time to Change

Who says you can’t pursue the life you love while still working at the same job? Who says you can’t succeed in a new country, choose a new career or start a business? Who says you can’t achieve your dreams because you are married and have kids? Who says you’ve come to the end of the road and that there is no way forward? Who says you are not good enough or even capable of achieving your goals? Who says you have to continue settling for less than you deserve? Who says you can’t do better for yourself and win?

How to Enlighten the Uneducated

Are you living in a country or city in which majority or fraction of its population is uneducated? If you are, you probably might sympathize with them and wish that you could enlighten them from their gloomy situation. If you want to educate the people around you of their status quo, following are some important tips to help you:

How Radical A Change Do You Need?

Today I am reverting to sharing personal my story by offering a vital question I have been grappling with lately which is… “What am I refusing to make a decision on that is affecting me so negatively?” There is no getting away from the fact that nowadays there seems to be a lot of “stuff” that everyone is dealing with. For some it’s toxic relationships, cutting dead wood out of your lives, for others it’s whether to immigrate back to SA (yes it IS happening), how to bring kids into the world via adoption, shift careers, for others some tough financial issues. Life seems to be full of some pretty hectic lessons at the moment, and I am not being spared hard decisions either.

How To Stay Motivated When Nothing Is Happening

We’ve all had that big idea that never came to anything. We’ve even had the small ideas, like losing a few pounds, that seemed so easy at the beginning, but ended up seeming to be much more difficult than we ever imagined. Here’s why we fail, and how not to…

How to Cope With Unemployment

The loss of a job can be a very traumatic experience for most people. It can have a negative impact on your physical, mental and emotional health. It brings financial insecurity, wears away your sense of identity and can lead to a breakdown in family relationships.

The Ingredients of Staying Motivated

Understanding the different aspects of motivation and how they can affect progress towards your goal can help you live a better more productive lifestyle. The following article outlines the different sources from where motivation originates. It further explains the need to acquire each of these motivations in order to overcome the barriers that prevent success.

Does The Law of Attraction Really Work? Is There Anything I Can Do to Make It Work?

Did you get all motivated and excited after reading the book or watching the movie Secret? Have you tried to use it and got some results initially, but then it stopped working? Have you wondered why your life was not changing as much as you have expected (or not at all), or as they promised in the hit movie Secret?

9 Ways To Value The Game

What does it take to be successful? How can we teach our players to value everything it takes to win consistently? Check out these nine traits I believe our athletes need in order to contribute to a team’s success.

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