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How to Keep Motivated For Your Exercise Program

Once you start on your chosen exercise program, how do you keep motivated? Here are a few specific ideas and thoughts about how to maintain the enthusiasm you had when you started your program.

Motherhood Makes Her Stronger

Motherhood is a humbling experience. Having had a fulfilled life as a single person, she felt so ready to move on to starting a family. In her mid-30s when she got pregnant, she thought she was ready and had everything in control.

The Roller Coaster of Change

The decision to change career paths or to create your own business will involve uncertainty, fear and frustration. Through the challenges and victories you confront and sustain, you will discover an inner strength, you may have never fathomed existed.

Balcony Time – Looking Over Concord

Without a doubt life is busy. I was talking with my roommate, Tyler, about how things were going and he said something that I think a lot of people resonate with, “There just aren’t enough hours in the day.”

The Importance of Self Motivation For Online Marketers

Successful online marketers are that way because they possess the self motivation necessary to succeed online. The lure of financial freedom has many flocking to the internet but without the proper discipline and drive many fail. Read more to see why it is important to be able to motivate yourself when working online and why your success depends upon it.

Are You Realizing Your Full Potential?

Much has been written about Nature vs. Nurture. In my workshops when I put this issue on the board for discussion there is always controversy. When examining the qualities and characteristics of a successful leader, effective communicator, motivator, decisive, and focused, we ask, “Are these traits developed or born?”

NYC 2009 Marathon

Believe through Joe, a client of Johnny Fitness’ that endured his first marathon after endless motivation and goal achievement. Johnny talks about the process of setting goals for your clients as a super-effective way to motivate and empower the individual.

How to Become Self-Motivated

Your passion will fuel your motivation but what gets your blood cells rushing and brain shifted to high gear. These 2 steps will get and keep you self-motivated.

Find Your Passion! Follow Your Bliss!

Doing what we really love is absolutely necessary if we want to be fully happy and live our highest potential. Parker Palmer, in his book Let Your Life Speak said, “Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am.” Have you spent much time lately in introspection, listening to that wee voice in your head, but coming from your heart, telling you what your bliss is?

9 Good Reasons Why You Must Never Give Up on the Things That Matter

It’s your life. Live it well. Live it the way you desire. Anything less will be non-meaningful.

5 Great Ways to Take Action and Stay Motivated Every Single Day

Can you remember the day you sat down and wrote your goals; be it this year’s goals, or last quarter’s objectives? It could be your professional or personal goals. Do you remember that time?

Positive Motivation

There are two ways that people are motivated. Positive motivation and negative motivation. Negative motivation is motivation that takes place because people are afraid of the consequences if they do not act or the if they do something that would cause them anguish or guilt then they would be negatively motivated not to do something.

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