Hitting To Hurt – Muay Thai Documentary: Jonathan “The General” Haggerty

Increase Your Manifesting Abilities by Becoming a Powerful Magnet

In order to effectively manifest your desires you must learn to create a strong field between you and what you desire. Just like a magnet you must be able to create that invisible pull towards you.

Open to the Incredible Potential For Your Life!

Are you feeling like you know there is more for you to be, do or have but are not sure how to start moving this potential into reality? In this article you will discover a new approach to tapping into this potential and small steps you can take to begin bringing it into your life.

Seize the Day – The Time is Now

According to one of our more illustrious forefathers, William Penn, “time is what we want most, but use worst.” So, here are some questions I might ask myself: What percentage of my time do I …

It’s Your Life – It’s Your Choice

I was sitting in a teacher’s assistant training session years ago, and the director of the training, a long-time tenured professor, posed a question, seemingly on impulse, that got everyone in the room thinking. His question was: Ultimately, what is your job as a teacher?

Getting Unstuck is Not So Difficult!

In many conversations I have with people about their dreams and goals in business or life, they often mention that they do not succeed because they feel stuck or unable to get motivated into action. Looking for similarities in these stories I came across a few themes that provide clues as to what prevents us from moving forward.

Feeling Lethargic? How to Overcome Your Lethargy

Lethargy. When you really just can’t be bothered to do anything apart from lounge around like a couch potato and even that’s really a bit too much effort. There are occasions when it’s OK to feel lethargic.

Keeping Your Motivation Levels Red Hot

Motivation is one of the most powerful keys to a life of achievement. We are however susceptible to high and low periods of motivation and our creativity and productivity fluctuate as our motivation rises or falls. Learn how you can keep your motivation levels red hot for consistent and excellence.

Controlling Your Mind Power – Internalize Success Principles

The self image stands as a barrier to the subconscious mind with the intent of not allowing new and different thoughts, ideas, and mental images to get in. Therefore, the information, including success principles, is not being sufficiently internalized to make much of a difference.

Stop Reacting to Life

Our “modern” civilization builds a strange habit into us, a habit that is more akin to animals than it is to humans and higher awareness. This is the habit of reacting to life.

Motivation – Source of Weekend Energy

Its funny to know that Monday which are supposed to be our most energised and optimised day has become and is still a nightmare to many folks out there. Despite the rest we had during the weekend, we still feel like not going to work or do anything on Monday.

Brighten Up Your Day

Have you ever had one of those days when your body seems too heavy to lift that you would actually want to sleep the rest of the day? You try to wake up but you lack motivation to get up. Although this doesn’t happen almost regularly, but all of us has one of those unmotivated mornings which eventually will lead to unproductive days.

Motivation – Inspiration Or Desperation?

There are two forces which motivate us or cause us to act. Inspiration or desperation. Always act out of inspiration and you will experience more joy in your day to day living.

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