Hold Yourself ACCOUNTABLE and Take ACTION By Following These TIPS

How to Stay in Balance

Balance is hard to achieve and can be elusive for many. Making the time for things that are really important and keeping your eye on the ball is always important. In this article the expert author offers some ways you will achieve greater balance in your life.

Self Help Motivation – Knowledge is Power

What actually is motivation? An inner power, our supply of energy, the determination to achieve our aims? It’s a fact that lack of motivation will leave us floundering in life, with no purpose or direction. It’s very important therefore that we find and use various methods to sustain our own motivation. We all need goals in life be it material, a new car, house, or the vacation of a lifetime.

Instant Lift Into Motivation With Balancing Music

Is this possible? Yes most certainly, but like most things, you need to have the right conditions. Mozart for example, wrote symphonies at the age of nine. Sure, he was undoubtedly born with some predisposed talent for music, but that is not the issue under discussion. What we want to look at is how therapeutic his music is, as our first example.

Making Money Online – The Motivation Factor

There is so much opportunity to make money online it is easy to become overwhelmed. When the money fails to crash down the door they just give up. The most important, and possibly the most difficult thing to do is stay motivated.

Are You a Positive Force?

A positive force is an integral part of a healthy, productive attitude. When you are a positive force for others the results will be dramatic. Are you a positive force for others?

The Top 10 Motivational Training Videos and DVDs on the Market

These are tough times and a good old fashioned motivational video can be a great way to start a meeting, event or to get ramped up for a new organizational goal. Try one of these new or classic motivational videos to rev up your workplace.

Never Give Up Because Anything is Possible, All You Need is Motivation

Successful people often say to never give up, after achieving their goal. They are sincerely trying to motivate others to success as well.

The Naked Truth How to Create Your Life

Do you ever feel fed up with all the people selling something online and telling you how to do this or that? I know I do. I get so frustrated listening to the same thing over and over.

What Do Procrastination, Snow White and Perceived Obsolescence Have in Common?

OK. You’ve taken the time to examine your life as it is today and discovered the small hidden joy within; the “want” not “should” of what you really want to do! But after following all the steps and making a plan you still find yourself procrastinating and several of the important steps you planned somehow keep slipping to the bottom of the list. What keeps stopping you?

Beware of Crab Bucket People and Negativity

People have been known to behave like crabs, envious that somebody is willing and able to climb above them. To make matters worse, your own self-doubt can behave like an over-critical crab trying to pull you down. If you want to achieve your dreams you’ve got to stay out of crab buckets and negativity traps.

Knowing Your Purpose

Why was I created? Each of us is different. No one else in the world has exactly the same gifts, talents, background, or future, that’s one of the reason it would be a serious mistake for you to try to be someone other than yourself.

Waterproofing – Some Things You Just Can’t Procrastinate – Are You a Procrastinator? Take the Quiz

Procrastination is very scary. It’s one thing to put off doing incidental things – but if you start out with those, there is a good chance you will graduate into much bigger stuff. I’m talking about things that can be dangerous.

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