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The GPS Road Map to Life

Sometimes, we need need a life road map to find our way home. People get lost and forget where they’ve come from. There are some observations we can make that can turn into life lessons.

Mistakes People Make When Trying to Fight Procrastination

If you have ever dealt with procrastination before you know how it can be a fast killer when it comes to you taking action and reaching your goals. A lot of people around the world deal with procrastination each and every single day and most of these people let it control their lives. If you have been controlled by procrastination before, you know that it is virtually impossible to reach your goals and dreams under this condition.

Mistakes People Make That Leaves Them Burned Out

In today’s world there is an immense focus on being motivated and taking constant action towards your goals. Everyone tells you that you shouldn’t quit or lower your intensity before you have reached your goal and I totally agree with this statement.

Reach For Your Goal

There was a boy driving a bicycle when he noticed of a big bone along the way. He picked up the bone, put a string on it and tied it at the back of his bicycle. He then continued driving with the bone tied with a string on his back. Then a dog saw the bone attached on the string and ran towards it. Since the bicycle was moving, so as the dog keeps on running.

The Empty Vessels of Motivation

Motivation needs a motive. It works from external to internal. God’s Word works from the inside out.

Create, Change, Move Your Life

Are you ready and in need of a change in your life? Does it excite you at the possibility of creating something new in your life? Would it energize you to know you have moved your life forward? If you answered yes to any of these questions, read on to be inspired to create, change, and move your life.

Why We Need Humor and Laughter in the Workplace

Simple and costless tools such as humor and laughter have been overlooked as motivational and stress management techniques. However, some organizations are finding out that humor and laughter do not lower productivity as many thought, but actually enhance it.

Motivational Thinking

Self belief or determination is the pedestal of all positive energy and affirmative activities that you just indulge in right through your life. Probably these two qualities are much more significant compared to your self respect. The way in which you express and interpret issues to your self is exceptionally important. For those who actually want to enhance your determination energy in addition to self belief, you require a strong need which is able to show you the way.

If There is Something You Need That You Have Never Had, Go For It

Life starts with initiative, and initiative starts with productive aggressiveness. I did not say belligerence, but I did say productive aggressiveness.

Not Feeling Motivated?

In today’s world there is a great deal of focus in the self development area of motivation and being able to motivate yourself. There are a lot of different theories and techniques on how you can quickly become motivated and make sure that you are taking action, however, a lot of people are still struggling with this exact point and feel that it is a constant struggle to constantly follow through.

Frequently Asked Questions of Taking Action

When it comes to taking action a lot of people are confused and don’t really know where or when to begin. This actually stops a lot of people from ever getting started on working towards their goals and leaves them confused. The next step most people take is to just give up even before they get started and return to their mediocre lives, however a small percentage of people ask the right questions and try to figure out how they can reach their goals by taking action. In this article I will go through some of the frequently asked questions of taking action.

How to Stay Motivated

Motivation plays a major role on your success. If you are not motivated, then you will not have the willpower to continue at your dreams until you succeed.

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