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How to Motivate Yourself to Success

Now, reading the title would make you think “How CAN you motivate someone? That’s just impossible!” and ‘ll be straight with you – I can’t! Only you can motivate your own self. I’m only writing this to offer points you can consider to use in order to build up your motivation.

Motivation Case Study of an Enterprising Young Business Entrepreneur

John Smith had left school two years ago, and was already working as a trainee manager in a large supermarket chain. He could have gone to university, but developed a taste for the commercial world during his part time work, while still at school. He was fortunate to get a couple of relieving opportunities, while supermarket managers were on leave. That was all very well, but not the level he was aspiring to achieve.

What is Your Next Logical Step?

Sometimes we move forward to the next step, because it is logical. Because after the previous step, this is the next step. Yet the next step is not always the best choice. Sometimes rather than go forward, we need to step back to see if that is best step that we can make. If you do not feel comfortable moving forward stop.

What is the One Thing That People Do Not Do Enough of These Days in Order to Ensure Success?

This is a question that I presented to my contacts and to my surprise; there were clearly not a lot of people doing enough of the answer. As the child of a strong-willed and determined woman, I have learned to appreciate the value in this and I have seen firsthand from those that I coach that the lack of this will result in their businesses to fail.

Avoiding the Procrastination Trap

Procrastination – the dictionary defines the word as “to put off intentionally and habitually” and it is something we are all guilty of at some time or another and for many people it really is a bad habit. Why do we do it? There are so many reasons.

Motivational Stories and Keeping Motivated

Many of us look at motivation as the feeling that comes from reading an inspiring book or listening to a motivational story. We get pumped up and promise ourselves that finally this time, we have found the way. This may last a few days, and then suddenly, the familiar feelings of discouragement set in and the great motivational story you had no longer stirs you the same way.

Talking to the “Unseen You”

Talking positive to and about yourself has the power to energize and support you. Think about a victory in sports and games, a report you felt good about, or any time you felt good about, or any time you felt confident and motivated. Through conscious repetition, effort, and attention you can improve your self-image and your overall performance.

Overcome Laziness

Jules Renard, a noted French writer once said: “Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired.” Yes, we may have a laugh over that statement but it doesn’t discount the truth in it. Laziness is an indicator of disinterest in an activity which is marked by a feeling of emptiness. Medical professionals state that laziness is both a physical and mental condition caused by lack of interest in activities.

Simple Steps to Personal Effectiveness

We would all like to be more effective – to get the really important stuff done effortlessly, to simply do the things that we don’t like doing or want to do without any distraction, to get much more done to the very best of our ability in far less time and have plenty more time to do all the things that we keep promising ourselves that we will do – spend much more time doing the things that we really and truly enjoy. There you have it – my definition of personal effectiveness.

What is Procrastination?

Procrastination is like a Big Bomb exploding violently on our personal goals. The things we deeply cherish are destroyed and after the explosion all that left is regrets. Regrets make us tremble inside. It’s an internal earthquake that leaves us feeling empty.

How to Know If You Are Confident Person

There are instances in our lives that we need to be confident enough to face it. But how can you really know that you are a confident person? Well, this mini checklist would help you a lot.

How to Easily Stay Motivated to Achieve Your Goals – Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

If you set goals that excite you, but find that you lose your motivation after a few weeks or so, then read on to find out more about a great method that can help you to stay motivated for as long as you need to. By using this technique, you’ll never have to suffer the disappointment of not following though on your plans again.

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