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5 Reasons Women Need to Feel Good About Their Lives Right Now!

There is no time left to bemoan your life…this is your moment. Today is the time to move to the next level. Make that phone call, start that business, sign up for that class, forgive that person, help the needy, pursue that goal, pay off that debt, invest in that venture, go on that adventure, love again- believe again!

Put Your Trust in Fate For 2008

Do you believe that you are a good person? Did you know the good things happen to good people? Sure, that makes sense right? Well, are you a good person? If so, then you must put your trust in fate for 2008. If you do good things, help other people and try to be the best in everything you do for the right reasons, then the reciprocal will be bestowed upon you. You can call this fate if you want, for lack of a better word or you might call it Karma.

The Journey to Wellness – Dealing With Lack of Motivation

What are the signs that a loved one is suffering from a lack of motivation? What can we do to help them in their journey of recovery? What are he stages we can expect to see in this journey to wellness?

What Motivates You? A Look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Abraham Maslow first published his paper in the Psychological Review in 1943, which brought up the interesting theory that basic needs must first be met before one reaches the pinnacle of happiness and harmony. He lists five motivators, that once met individually, you can then move “up” to the next level and set of motivators.

Creating a Focus

How do you make owning a business work for you in a way that empowers you, rather than weighing you down? You probably decided to go into business for yourself for many reasons. One of the most critical, being that you could design your own schedule and work at your pace, not someone else’s.

Barack Obama Struck Him Twice

Barack Obama is not known for striking, yet he struck this kid twice. He did not intentionally did it. However, it happened. What do you tell a 13 year-old when this happens? Well, maybe you can offer insight.

The World Without Our Loved Ones

Imagine living our life without a purpose. Imagine what the world will look like if not for the powerful influence of love on our emotional intelligence and intelligent quotient. Permit me to make an assumption here that the man who invented the telephone must have done so in a bid to keep in touch with a loved one(s) in a far land.

Difficulties – Must Things Always Be Difficult?

I often times end up quarreling with myself over the kind of thoughts that come into my BIG head. Must things always be difficult? This one question that runs through my head day-after-day. I always recount my losses In my supposed “quiet time”. I almost wasted my lifetime having this “negative notion” about life- must things always be difficult? Well, thank God I did not.

An Open Letter to Kids Who Want to Be Strong at Everything and Weak at Nothing

In real estate it’s always location, location, and location. In life it’s motivation, motivation, and motivation, that leads to relentless persistence, persistence, and persistence. Check it out.

Practice – Overcoming a Hurtful Behavior Or Lifestyle

Practice makes perfect. We have all heard that expression before. However, while practice does not make an individual perfect, it will make him/her better and maybe even the best in the world at whatever they have practiced for.

Life Goes on – Don’t Give Up!

It’s easy to say, isn’t it – ‘life goes on’… I’ve heard similar statements all my life: “she’ll be right mate…” “There’s always tomorrow…!” “Ah well, that’s life”. When I truly think about it though, I find that statement to be both flippant and correct.

Five Steps on How to Achieve Psychic Powers

In order to become a psychic, a considerable amount of meditation is required which is completely based on “Paranormal-Ability” which defines the process of being calm and cool while being indulged in various types of activities such as divinatory healing and spiritualism which is beyond the open window of the supernatural and natural world to observe as there are various kinds of spiritual beings which include ghosts, giants, witchcrafts etc. and to combat them silently and capture them and keep them within your control is what truly defines psychic intellect.

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