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Yesterday is History, The Future is a Mystery, But Today is a Gift

The other day I was sitting with my children and we were watching a cartoon. On the cartoon there was a screen there was a part where one of the main charters said that “Yesterday is history, the future is a mystery, but today is a gift.” That is why they call it the present!

Age With Grace by Embracing Change

“There’s nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.” -Buckminster Fuller. The essence of nature is perpetual change and as a product of nature you are also forever changing. The aging of your body is no different than nature yet when aging begins happening to you, it can feel anything but natural.

Staying Up in a Down Economy

Think happy, talk happy, be happy: Excessive worry is just about as productive as trying to get squeaky clean in a tub of mud. The fact of the matter is that no amount of fretting is going to improve your financial situation or the state of the union so don’t even go there – it only makes things worse.

What’s Holding You Back From Reaching Your Dreams?

Most fear is self-created. You simply cannot reach out and touch those fears. Yet they can be so strong that they can stop us dead in our tracks, afraid to pursue our dreams.

Having the Mindset of a Champion

How do you keep your head above the clouds and joy in your heart? It starts with mindset, which is your attitude and way of thinking. Until you figure this principle out you my find yourself sinking, gasping for breath, especially in difficult times. Learn four ground-breaking tips to ensure you can enjoy success and happiness.

Taking Action – Turning Your Dreams Into Reality

There is a direct connection between action and success. Without action you can have no success. And taking action is connected to your commitment to your dreams.

The Laws of Reciprocation – Reciprocity Explained

Ever wanted to create some tension? Reciprocation can create positive or negative tension. Learn how the laws of reciprocation rule the world.

Strong at Everything, Weak at Nothing!

I confess, I want to be strong (i.e. independent, self-reliant, resilient) at everything and weak at nothing. And furthermore I confess that I’ve never met another human being who wants to be weak at anything. In other words, every person I’ve ever known wants to be strong (1) at everything and weak at nothing. There are no exceptions to this rule.

A Time of Accountability

So many individuals live by the seat of their pants, reacting to situations and blaming the government, their bosses, friends and family for their situation. It does not matter if you want to achieve a major event or a minor event in your life the important thing is to decide that you want to achieve something. In order to HAVE you must DO, in order to DO you must BE – BE; DO; HAVE is the order of achievement. So many people get that the wrong way around and wonder why the have a lack of results.

How to Overcome a Lifetime of Conditioning

Occasionally being stuck in a rut is natural but there has to be a point when enough is enough. If you’ve been doing a lot of talking, it’s time to start the action part. Become active in your vision of a better life.

Tips to Overcome Procrastination by Changing Yourself

In this article, I am discussing 3 important tips that can help in ending procrastination in the long run. These strategies, if implemented regularly, can change your attitude towards task so that you are not prone to procrastinating again in future – unlike many short-lived tips which can temporarily help you to avoid procrastination but soon you are back to your old habits!

The Holy Spirit Asked Me, Are You a Christian?

Are you a Christian? I was asked this question by Holy Spirit about fifteen years ago.. the answer was also given and I was astounded.

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