How BILLIONAIRES THINK | Success ADVICE From Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey


Megamen are men who acted on their mega ideas. Every business starts from an idea. All great achievers stand tall on the idea ladder. Small ideas do not yield great results. It’s been said that no power on earth can withstand an idea whose time has come. Megamen lead the way of achievements.

The Most Effective Motavator – The Fear of Regret?

When you’re feeling unmotivated, you often try to seek out positive inspiration like the possibility of earning more money, experiencing the satisfaction of achievement, or receiving the praise and admiration of others for our accomplishments. However, “moving away from” motivators can often serve as powerful success generators too.

How To Be Brilliant At What You Do

If your lifetime mission statement is to be great at what you do, achieve a smooth flow and style then read on, you might like the suggestions in this article.

Get Back Up

Have you ever had a crisis of faith, when you doubt your BIG dream can ever come true? These dark times happen. And they can be scary. You may feel more vulnerable and out of control and terrified of what might be around the next corner. There are a lot of positive lessons you can take from the dark times in your life. You can emerge as a stronger and more confident person, and even feel grateful for the setback. This article provides five concrete guidelines for getting through dark times with awareness, grace and gratitude.

Do It Now

Everyone battles procrastination at some point in their lives. You see, those of us who have overcome procrastination habits practice better habits through mental activities which act as self motivators.

Get More Energy Now!

Getting more energy can be as simple as changing your thoughts. Many people believe they must get a certain amount of sleep each night or they will be tired the next day.

The Three C’s of Overcoming Health Fears

Life has a way of surprising us with challenges we didn’t expect, especially when it comes to our health. Some people can deal with health issues with greater resiliency than others. We classify them as having hearty personalities. Other people have a more difficult time adjusting.

Charge Because You Are in Charge

Charge, is a powerful English word. It is a secret to maximizing your performance and realizing your purpose and approaching your life as designed by God.

Utube, Youtube, Thank You for the Inspiration That Motivates Creativity In So Many

We all need things around us to inspire, especially if you are an artist. I am prompted to create after getting a buzz from something so touchingly beautiful like the Utube video, “Chinese Ballet Circus pas de deux troupe du Guangdong”.

Ace’s Insights – Am I A Particle?

A Particle is not a separate entity but a set of relationships. The world is an interconnected tissue of events, a dynamic-

What’s Your Passion? Discovering What Makes You Come Alive!

When you are truly passionate about something, there is absolutely nothing that can keep you from it. Intention is the conscious choice to create- passion is the fuel. What lights you up? What do you truly love? Using the R.A.W. formula, learn how to escavate buried dreams, and live a life with vision and purpose.

Motivating Others – How Motivating Someone Else Can Help To Improve Both Of Your Lives

You may be able to motivate a friend to achieve greatness in their life. By doing this you will both be motivated to do more than you ever thought possible. Read on to find out how motivating others can improve your own life.

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