How BILLIONAIRES THINK Success ADVICE From Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos

Managing Our Emotional Energy

A modern Zombie; going through ‘the motions’ of life. You’ve seen it; people who seem to have their ‘life-force’ drained out of them. Maybe at times you are that ‘people’. Er, person. Simulated living… looks like living, but isn’t.

Break Free From Self-Sabotaging Behavior

One engaged in self-destructive behavior is mainly because they lack of self-confidence. And lack of self-confidence seems to be not having high self-esteem, not loving yourself. Or in other words, not accepting who you are, your body, your current results, your environment.

Take Action Immediately

I have noticed one of the best ways to boost self-confidence is to act immediately. When you want to do something but you have a fear about it you will usually avoid and resist doing it. But when you choose to act in the moment in spite that your fear, you experience power and boost in self confidence.

Develop the Discipline to Get Things Done – Step 5

In life, all the rewards go to those who actually have the discipline to get things done. The goal of discipline is ultimately to condition behaviors, reports, and meetings so they occur automatically without external supervision. That is the last step to gaining discipline.

For Things To Change You Must Change First

People always say, “What if it is really not my fault? What if the situation is totally out of my hands?” In actual fact we always play a role in creating whatever is happening to us, whether consciously or subconsciously.

Escape Your Routine

Everyone longs to escape the usual routine occasionally. You might long to delve into the mysteries of life. Perhaps these yearnings are due to your desire to experience greater personal growth by going beyond your current comfort zone and entering into unexplored worlds. Seeking ways to challenge yourself further and stretch your limits might make your everyday life seem more exciting and fulfilling and could present opportunities for growth that you might not have imagined.

How To Beat Procrastination – You Can Take This Important First Step TODAY

Procrastination is very devious, and manages to convince you that the task you’re doing is not a procrastination habit but instead something that is urgent and essential and simply can’t wait. Here’s how to recognise its manipulative techniques and take that important first step to beating procrastination and freeing your creativity today…

How to Beat Procrastination at Work

In order to beat procrastination at work, one must stay motivated at all times. Procrastination is the habit of postponing tasks. Are you the type of person that procrastinates regularly? Maybe you are having a hard time finding interest with your work.

How To Stay Motivated When You Feel Like Giving Up

If you stay motivated with your work then you will never think of giving up. Giving up or quitting is the plan of the loser. The people who keep quitting with their work are the losers in this world. The people who give up are at the bottom of the food chain.

Develop the Discipline to Get Things Done – Step 4

In life, all the rewards go to those who actually have the discipline to get things done. So far, we’ve looked at when, and how to get things done. We’ve also looked at how to reinforce good discipline habits. Now let’s look at developing them.

How to Boost Your Motivation Levels NOW!

Regardless of what goals you are trying to achieve, you’ve always got to be motivated so that you have the mental boost to work towards those goals. Being motivated is extremely important because even if you’ve convinced yourself that you want to get to certain goals, it might not always be easy to concentrate on them when hurdles start to come your way…

Why Humans Can Learn Almost Anything

Humans are capable of doing many things simultaneously thanks to a brain that can be trained to do or learn almost anything. So never stop learning new things. Life-long learning helps stave off Alzheimer’s disease and dementia later in life.

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