How BILLIONAIRES THINK | Success ADVICE From Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos

Stained Glass Windows

Are you happy with yourself and your life? Learn about some strategies which can help you feel better in all aspects of your life.

Thinking for Success – The Same Method Does Not Work For Everyone

It is very important that when you purchase a book on any subject that the author is an expert in his or her field. So when purchasing an e-book on how to be successful make sure the author can back-up there credentials

Top 5 Reasons Why You’re Not Living Your Dream

Debunking the top 5 reasons that keep people from achieving their professional goals.

For Those Who Have Suffered!

As one who has suffered from the long, term effects of trauma I feel compelled to share some experience and hope with those who seek to heal themselves and create true quality of life. First there must be a desire for change. No more wearing your suffering as a badge. That said let us move on to the subject of focus, which is a problem area for those who have suffered from trauma. If you cannot focus then you cannot create change.

Persistence Defined

Persistence helps you to conquer mountains. Persistence is the road map for success.

Success: 10 Easy Success Tips To Help You Achieve Your Ambitions In Life

I want to wish you good health, long life, success and happiness. During the New Year, most people make resolutions but often very few are able to keep them.

7 Steps to a New Life Overseas

Research shows that at any one time more than half of us are dreaming of a new life overseas, but few actually succeed in making the transition from fantasy to reality. If you would like to succeed in making your dreams a reality, this article will help you find the courage and strength you need.

7 Tips to Keep up Your New Year Resolutions

There are many people who enthusiastically make their New Year resolutions with a fond hope that they will stick to them and thus make changes in their life for the better. But they will soon find that they cannot keep up those resolutions and are back to their old life. How sad it is!

Maximizing Your Potential by Definition

Someone once pointed out to me that in many of my presentations focusing on my theme, “Maximizing Your Potential”, I did not define “potential” specifically. Allow me to do so now.

Becoming Rich in Your Own Way

If you really want to become rich, then begin by evaluating your work habits and work environment. That’s how most millionaires made their first million. According to Dr. Srully Blotnick, a psychologist and consultant who spent 20 years studying how people became rich …

Resolution Revolution: 3 Tips For Creating Real Change in the New Year

Making New Year’s resolutions can be an exercise in futility and frustration. But these 3 tips could help you reach your goals and improve your life dramatically – and put an end to resolutions once and for all!

Procrastination Emancipation

Humorous article on procrastination by a reformed procrastinator…

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