The Purpose in Disappointments

Disappointments are not the end of the story. They may even punctuate our stories. There is a deeper lesson to be learned in taking disappointments positively. If such tests won’t keep us down, what can? The best of life remains.

Start Sticking To Your Goals Now

Why don’t we stick to goals? We’ve got this goal that we’re really excited about at first and then a couple weeks or so go by we start making excuses about why we don’t want to do it anymore. What is it that happens? What makes us lose interest?

To Soar: Relax, You Are Already Perfect

If you want to soar, it is important for you to relax and know that you are already perfect being you. We are all unique and specially made… and we need to embrace it. You are you and I am me, and we come together to bring joy, happiness and fulfillment to each other and the world.

Your Kindness

A simple act of kindness goes a long way. It doesn’t matter if it is something huge or something small, it is appreciated. Children are naturally kind to everyone. They learn this while playing and watching adults. Somewhere along the lines our sense of kindness, thoughtfulness either grows or dies out some. People use to wave at you for no reason, whether they knew you or not. People use to walk up and shake your hand and introduce themselves for no reason at all.

Breaking a Bad Habit – How and Why We Create Bad Behaviours and A Key To Helping You Overcome Them

Smoking, drinking, over eating, nail biting, drug abuse, anger. We all know of someone who is battling with one or more habits. How does something that someone has been doing for so long suddenly become problematic to them? How does something that used to bring them joy, comfort or relaxation go on to cause them anguish, distress and pain? This article will explain how and why a habit is formed and why they can be so difficult to break. This information will give you the key to successfully breaking an unwanted troublesome habit.

Stay In the Race and Never Give Up

This week’s article is a byproduct of last week’s article. It came to me on Monday as I was working on my weekly marketing plan. What came to mind was the story of the tortoise and the hare. I am almost sure you have heard the story about the tortoise and the hare who competed in a race and the tortoise was slow and steady and the hare was fast, but the hare underestimated the tortoise.

3 Ways Our Athletes Can Control The Controllables

A lot about teams and sports are out of the player’s control, but these three things (effort, learning, and mistakes) are squarely within their control. Check out this post to find out why those three things are critical to earning playing time.

Hindsight, Now Sight and Foresight

How do we learn hindsight, now sight and foresight? What are you learning? How can we use the past, present and future to transform our life?

Procrastination: Tricks to Escape Paralysis and Take Confident Action

Have you ever wondered if self help really works? Here academics and scientists test it out, and discover a simple technique to help you make difficult decisions with ease.

Team Building, Not About Body Building

What makes the team complement each other; rather than spend wasteful time commenting on the team members shortcomings or work related issues? So, time to work it out!

Why Risk Matters For Your Ultimate Success

Comfort…that word conjures up a cozy fire on a snowy night or relaxing on a beach in a warm tropical paradise. Comfort, however, can have a dark side… Most of us have tried and failed at something in our lives. This ‘failure’ can leave an imprint deep enough to keep you from going after what you really want in life.

Today’s the Day!

Has opportunity been presenting itself and knocking relentlessly on your door, but you’re too afraid to answer? Have you been postponing opportunities for months or perhaps years? If so, stop and ask yourself, “Why?”

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