How Close Can We Get to Thinking Like a MONK? | Jay Shetty | #Shorts

The God Mentality

What is the God mentality? To properly understand this question we need to take a trip to the bible. We need to understand the biblical origin of man. Genesis 1:26, says, “Let us make man in our own IMAGE, after our own LIKENESS: and let him have DOMINION over the fish of the sea, and the fowl of the air, and over all the EARTH.”

Welcome to Fantasy Land!

Visualize all of the energy you put into your job on any given day. Think about all the deadlines you rush to fill, all the idle time that you spend between tasks, and all the demands that are put on you by the higher-ups. Remember all the times that you feel unsatisfied? It might seem like this place of work isn’t for you, like there’s something better out there that fits you and your personality perfectly. I urge you to take that thought, and run with it…

Self Improvement – Techniques To Motivate Yourself To Stay On Track

Self improvement can be difficult. From early childhood, we may have learned to just “go with the flow” or “not make waves” and let things come. Unfortunately, that isn’t the best path to self improvement. Sometimes the techniques of self improvement may be taking longer than we would wish, and it can be easy to become discouraged. This article will provide some self motivation techniques that can help you stay on track.

Do You Know the First Step?

What are the odds that you have been sitting on a fantastic idea for quite some time now? Take the first step. You will feel a shift in your energy. Then take the next step. By the time you take the third step, you will have momentum.

Venturing In That ‘Other’ World With No Fear

Our memories both regale us and betray us – expanding our sense of reality, exploding our feelings for times both irretrievable and mystical. We’re favoured by our tremendous memories not as much as perhaps they haunt us; but so they are..

Associating With Successful Animals

Nobody likes to be insulted. One of the most insulting expressions people hate is “You are an animal”. But it is ironic that we still embrace this “insult” in other contexts.

Break That Habit

Have you ever found yourself reacting in a negative way to a certain comment, a particular person, or a particular situation? It could be seeing a look on someone’s face, or hearing an angry tone in someone’s voice, or seeing a crowd of people that trigger’s you to react in the same habitual way before you realise. Is that just how you are, or can you change?

An Immortality Book Offering Definitions About the Long Lived Persons

Time and again it is found that people who care to put the best beliefs on themselves tend to live a better life well contented and embedded with joy and happiness. Although the life span might still fall short as the normal destined time in his tenure, yet the satisfaction of leading a complete life opens the door of attaining salvation. This is because the eternal spirit is the gateway to past, present and future that normally a living individual bears but at times fails to polish the same with good deeds and thoughts.

Failing Forwards Towards Your Goal

It was a Saturday morning about 25 years ago. I had been so exhausted the previous day that I could not wake up on time. In fact, I was still fast asleep to the extent that I was dreaming.

Looking Beyond the Dark Clouds in Life

A week ago I went on a work-related trip to Adelaide which involved a three hour flight from Perth, Australia. I was lucky enough to have a window seat and spent most of the time looking at the beautiful scenery outside. As I neared my destination, I realised that Mother Nature had been in deep conversation with me about some of the ‘dark clouds’ in my life.

Things That We Wait For

Stop holding your breathe for things to happen and the other thing is remind yourself that even if you maybe waiting for something but at the same time got to do something else, that way we can see most of the things coming your way in due course. Besides it sets your mind free from undue pressure or worry.

Types of Procrastination – Why Are You Waiting, Not Doing?

Many people are procrastinators. They have reasons why they delay. The reasons can be simple or elaborate, yet they are avoidance patterns. Like most patterns, procrastinators and their excuses typically have certain similarities.

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