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Needing Needs

As we are all aware, we living creatures need numerous things, such as water, food, warm clothing in the winter, less in the summer, and at least some type of abode to abide in. After the basics are fairly well attained, it is then that our needs and wants begin to merge, and we get them all mixed up. Before we realize it, we no longer have any wants, we only have needs!

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Denial

My mother was famous for not paying attention. To my father and his drinking, his depression, his philandering.

“Are You on Top of Decision Making?”

Being an empowered woman means being the leader in your life. One of the most empowering skills a leader has is the ability to make a good decision.

Shopping to Cheer You Up

Psychology is a complex science, because its areas of study include every little gesture made by man and each little action that man performs. So it was probably someone on a shopping spree who got the psychologist’s grey cells ticking, and hence the theory of retail therapy was born.

Can We Succeed Without Positive Thinking?

Why is it so consequential that we think about what we desire? Is it possible to think about what we don’t want and still achieve a conclusive outcome? It is important to distinguish what we want to prevent because it helps us determine what we prefer.

Improve Motivation and Master Thoughts in Creating Wealth

To improve motivation is one of the fundamental things that can help you get started with being successful in making wealth. Without motivation, it would be very hard to put in ideas into your mind that will work.

You Already Know What to Do

QUIT checking your emails! If you had a sure-fire way to make some serious dough, wouldn’t you?

Motivating Employees

Every company has to face tough times. Entrepreneurial ventures face tough times more than anything else.

Why Do We Have an Unbalanced Life? Part II

As we were saying in Part 1, an unbalanced life usually has many causes. These factors affect our physical and emotional life! The last factor that we presented in Part 1, was stress.

Why Do We Have an Unbalanced Life? Part I

Nowadays it is really easy to have an unbalanced life, because there are a lot of factors which can lead to a disordered life. Age is one of the most important factors that influence our lives, as we all find out how to balance our lives by living. As we already know, as we get older, we get wiser, meaning that older people usually are more balanced when it comes to the use of their energy.

Motive – An Important Self-Reflection

Many of us are mindful of the things we do. But how many of us understand the motives behind why we do what we do? Motive is an integral part of understanding ourselves, and bringing our consciousness into higher perspectives.

Long Term Dwelling

Let me begin by stating that I believe in you. I know you were not a mistake destined to a sub par existence. There is so much in store for you that you cannot fathom the depths.

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