Attention Lack of Motivation Sufferers!

Lack of motivation effects all of us now and then. It makes it hard for us to do the things we need to do. However, determination and focus can defeat a lack of motivation.

The Only Real Help We All Have Is To Help Ourselves

Sure, we can hope that things change the way we exactly want them through outside influences acting on us, but, there is very little chance that will happen. Controlling ourselves is the only real control we have over life. Especially when all else fails.

Five Secrets to Unlimited Motivation

Motivation, seems gifted to a select few, whilst the rest of us trail far far behind. This article shares in a direct and tangible way the secret of unlimited personal motivation; Propulsion for life!

How Teachers Become Motivational Speakers

Teachers are considered as motivational speakers simply because they motivate and encourage their students daily to become better individuals. Teachers are considered as parents in school and they are there to guide their students into their studies and educate them on all the things that they need to learn.

Happiness Or Housework – Get Organized For Both!

How do we master the tricky balance of keeping our sanity while having a reasonably presentable and clean home? Let’s find the balance of maintaining our home and still finding quality time to live!

Consistent Versus Inconsistent Motivation in Sport Performance

We’ve all experienced massive motivation. You know that feeling of just getting on with it and feeling good whilst doing it – don’t you? And yet most people also experience inconsistent motivation, or really wanting something but unable to find the motivation to make it happen! So what determines whether your motivation will be inconsistent or consistent?

How I Personally Stay Grateful

You can’t just sit on the sofa and think positively and then have things come your way. I mean, you’ve got to take SOME action to make things happen.

Procrastination: The Number One Killer of Dreams and Desires

Procrastination is a killer. It will kill your dreams and desires. It is a destroyer of hope and happiness. Procrastination can wreak havoc with your life.

Break Out the Popeye Super Strength Within You

In everyday life anybody is capable of making a difference in their community, it doesn’t have to be the prominent civic leader, politician or business tycoon, any he or she can seize the initiative. Superheroes need not be all flash and regal, it could just be the down to earth everyday guy or gal who conditions themselves for peak performance. You sure need it in this world to battle the evil bullies of greed and selfishness. A big heart is every bit as important as big muscles bulging out of everywhere and of course what you put into your body is is vital.

Tips On Memorizing A Keynote Speech

The most important skill a keynote speaker must possess is the ability to memorize by heart their presentation or speech. After they have written their speech or had someone write their speeches for them its time for them to memorize their presentation as well.

The Vital Importance of Community

I’ve been reading in many different sources about the research involving community and well being. In his best-selling book,”Outliers,” Malcolm Gladwell opens with a study done in a small Pennsylvania town called Roseto. In 1882, Italians who lived in a town of the same name, Roseto, started to come to the U.S.

Spoil Yourself a Little – Make the Most of What You Have

Somerset Maugham once very aptly said, “It is a funny thing, Life. If you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it”. It is very apt in today`s world also. Very often than not, we do not care about ourselves and do not live each moment to the fullest and the best of our abilities. We settle for the 2nd best things for us.

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