How Great Leaders CREATE ACTION and INSPIRE Those Around Them

Selling Yourself: How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Day in and day out, millions upon millions of people sell their time to large corporations. Consider this: how much would you pay for a year of your life back? Now, with that in mind, how much would a corporation pay for a year of your time? The two values are a little different, aren’t they.

How To Seek and Attain Abundance In Health, Wealth and Love

Addictions are calling out for a certain something, but the lasting solution rests within the brain being permanently satiated with stimuli that complement not ridicule or demean. Drunkenness, drugged states, over indulgence in food or sex is a result of the brain not having enough creative food. Society is calling out for sustenance and for many that food is found in pornography, over indulgence and self-annihilation by not being fulfilled. In fact, the answers reside within us but unfortunately, because of primitive restrictive behaviours many of us have not found the password and thus believe we are doomed to…

Pin Up a Picture: 7 Tips for Mustering Motivation

Did you set some lofty, ambitious goals for 2011? And now that January has come and gone, is it getting harder to find the willpower to continue working towards them? Even for things we genuinely want to do, motivation can be a tricky horse to harness. Here are seven suggestions and the ways – big and small – they’ve worked for me.

5 Easy Tips on How to Motivate Yourself

As you read every word of this article, you will begin to discover new ways of how to motivate yourself. And as you absorb this information, you’ll begin to understand why motivation is one of the keys to determining success or failure in life.

Keep It Up, You Can Do It

Internet marketing can be so frustrating. When we start off, we are promised vast sums of cash for doing very little work, living the dream, getting up when you want, go on holidays for 6 months at a time whilst still earning lots and lots of money. However, what they don’t tell you is the number of hours you need to put in and the frustration that comes with it.

Discover Your True Potential – 8 Nuggets to Inspire You to the Greatness Inside You

The potential in a person can only be given birth to by the one who carries it. I know there’s potential in all of us to do evil, by I put it to you that there’s more goodness in you than you imagine. The reason why there was celebration surrounding your birth and entry into the arena called earth is because you represented unique seeds of destiny called potential packed inside you. As you grew and discovered the world around you. You were curious and you were learning and growing fast. It is my submission that a lot of people are broke, financially, mentally, spiritually and morally bankrupt because they haven’t discovered their true potential as an agent for change and development. They live within and below their means because they have never discovered who they really are and how they are put together. It is sad to have a potential world – class musical superstar with a voice that brings the heavens down working in a porridge factory. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay when you are getting started and discovering yourself, but don’t stay below your potential.

What Street Is Your Success Parade Marching Down?

Thought and Principle: “If you don’t tell people what street your parade is marching down, they can’t rain on it. Good Day Everyone and thank you for visiting and sharing. All too often in life, people make the mistake of telling everyone and everything their business and what they are going to do when…

Ten Ways to Market Yourself in 2011

Whether you want more/bigger clients or a better career opportunity, make a commitment to market yourself. Here are 10 items to consider…

Are You Committed to Living Your Life?

When it comes to living your life, are you truly committed or are you just partially interested? I know it sounds silly that someone might be only partially interested in their OWN life….but I’ve seen it, a lot. What does it look like? Well, it’s the person who barely shows up, who doesn’t do anything 100%, who doesn’t get super excited about anything, who just kind of coasts through their life on autopilot, without much thought, energy or inspiration. I’m sure you’ve met someone like this.

Create Happiness – Make Your Fairy Tales Come True

There are a few relevant practices to incorporate into your life so dreams evolve and do not remain dreams forever. Commit to a plan of say three segments of one hundred and fifty days each where you gradually evolve. As the emphasis is on embracing the lives of our dreams then let us comply with suggestions that compliment, not detract from their fulfillment. It is now time to work on cleaning out your mental chaos through meditation.

Motivation Wealth

Most people will consider their wealth as monetary, but truly there is wealth to be found in our other possessions, and motivation wealth could be considered as one. Anyone that is truly knowledgeable in a subject, then possesses a wealth of knowledge. This can be a most valuable tool.

Why? Finding a Deepest Reason to Be Successful

In pursuing your dreams, there will be a time we will get exhausted or burnout. We feel that we did everything but nothing happens. Then doubting ourselves will enter into our mind.

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