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11 Ways To Prevent Procrastination

I will do it tomorrow. I’ll start next week, next month, next year. When I have more time I will do it. When the children are holder, I will have more freedom and I can get started. I will have more money next month and I can make it happen then. Does any of these words sounds familiar to you? Do you find yourself using these words from time to time? Worst are you using them right now because deep inside you feel it’s true. Do You feel it’s your reality? Do you know ways to prevent your procrastination?

How to Stay Motivated

You’ve just come from an amazing, life altering weekend seminar. You’ve met a ton of new contacts, and you’ve gained new incredible insights, killer techniques, and dynamic tools to enhance your business practices, improve your lifestyle, skyrocket your finances, master your health, or successfully find the love of your life. The problem is that while you’ve been enjoying this life-altering event, you’ve put your own life on hold so you could absorb all of this incredible information. Now you’re wondering how to stay motivated and put all this amazing information to good use?

Use of Coaching to Achieve Goals

Coaching style is really a style for those who are willing to roll in every aspect of their professional business. Coaching is not only a force for good for the organisation but far more importantly for the individual too, therefore many executives in large corporations now use individual personal executive coaches and also adopt a coaching style to help them achieve personal and organisational goals.

Always Young Enough To Learn

You are always young enough to learn. Use the “disguised blessings” of unfortunate situations as ways to manifest your dreams.

Who Do You Believe In?

“Who do you believe in?” is not a question about religious faith. This is a question that you must answer when you have lack of confidence in yourself.

Do You Listen To What ‘They’ Say?

Many times we fall victim to listening to others instead of ourselves. We often fear criticism from others which can prevent us from pursuing our goals. In the past, I have fallen victim to concern myself about what others think.

Are You Ready To Enter The “Uncomfort Zone?”

In order to achieve your goals, you sometimes have to get out of your comfort zone. It may be hard. You may think that it is not necessary. If you indeed are serious about being successful, you will have to enter into the uncomfort zone.

The Art of Prayer for Sublime Focus

Habit-changing focus must reach, and involve, the subconscious mind. Such a sublime focus is made operative by constant prayer over time, which transforms our identity, making change seamless and pleasing and, therefore, it is miraculous.

Make Your Life Better and More Productive With These Motivation Tips

I used to reach material goals and just say to myself, ok, I’ve got it so now what? In the end it was fun to have what I worked for and wanted, but the gain of the material soon fell flat. It is about who you become, what you learn, who comes into your life and ultimately your relationships.

Are You Loving Your New Attitude?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that one size does not fit all, and I don’t mean clothes-wise, I mean, people-wise. We get into new relationships with certain expectations, only to be disappointed (some times.) – Why?

Are You Remarkable Enough?

Once I started to see everyone as “remarkable” in their own rights, I began to realize how amazing people are. No matter who you are, where you come from and what you do, you are simply and amazingly, “remarkable.”

Why Is It Advisable To Let A Motivational Speaker Speak In Any Presentation?

Still can’t decide whether hiring one of motivational speaker is really an excellent idea? This article will outline some of the benefits of getting a speaker to give their speeches in any presentation.

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