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Take Control of Your Life by Accepting Responsibility

Knowing something that makes you unhappy about your life is a step that you have to take in order for it to go away. Confused? Then read on.

Motivation – An Exploration

Motivation is the inspirational force which drives individuals to surpass expectations and achieve goals. It is an intangible and to some extent merely ideological force which cannot be quantified, bought or manufactured. Despite the absence of a universal method of generating widespread motivation or a precise definition of its properties or proponents: it is without doubt…

Business, Bliss and $85 Million Worth of Cat Litter

I would love to be able to tell you to “follow your bliss.” But What happens when following your bliss leads to a dead end?

How to Deal With Procrastination

Procrastination is avoiding or delaying important tasks and activities for work that has a lesser degree of importance or has no importance at all. Procrastination is not only a time waster, it also kills efficiency and ruins deadline management.

The Right Mindset is the Driving Force Behind a Successful Business

A person’s point of view on a specific situation will ultimately determine the outcome of that situation. Negative people are seldom successful in the small business industry, where there are few places to point fingers or pass the buck. Take advantage of your natural abilities and find a way to use them in the process of building and maintaining your business. One helpful tip that I can pass on from my experience is to overlook what does not work and view failure as a learning experience rather than the inevitable outcome of your pursuit.

5 Tips For How to Motivate Myself

How to motivate myself is about sharing some of the personal motivation tips I use on a daily basis to help combat the signs of a lack of motivation and to use them to succeed and reach my goals. If they work for me I am confident they will work for you.

How to Become Self Motivated

I believe that passion fuels motivation. To become self motivated you must develop a ‘Can do’ attitude.

The Lost Generation

I remember reading Don Miguel Ruiz’s “The Four Agreements” years ago and loving it so much because here were four simple rules I could easily incorporate into my daily life in order to effect the kind of spiritual changes I was seeking at the time (deep reflection and affirmations are great, but I’m a “list” kind of gal…give me a blueprint any day and I’m all over it!). The first agreement, “Be Impeccable With Your Word”, speaks of displaying integrity and honor in all that you say.

Manifest Desires – How to Actually Manifest Whatever You Want

If you want to manifest desires, you have to know the simple law of attraction. This is the secret to achieving the things that you want in life.

Personal Motivation at Work

Personal motivation is our intrinsic motivating factor that spurs us on to perform. A lack of personal motivation is responsible for most failures in performance.

The Mirror – Who Are You – Really? – See Yourself For Who You Really Are

See yourself for who you really are. See yourself as a person who has unique talents and abilities. Consider all your accomplishments, all your successes, all your positive contributions, and let that be your mirror.

Positive Thinking – The Solution

Problems, we’ve all got them. If we had no problems, we wouldn’t have any self-help books. We wouldn’t need them. But we have problems. Every one of us does. We live in an imperfect world and we are products of imperfections.

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