How to ACTIVATE the Law of Attraction and Accomplish Your GOALS in 2022!

Control Your Focus to Maximize Your Energy

Your goal, if you want to perform at a maximum level, should be to free up as much of your energy as possible. The way to do this is to control your focus.

Use the “Hobby Mentality” to Have More Fun at Work

If you can apply the same attitude you take with your hobbies to your work, you will easily find your level of fun and enjoyment going up.

Does Your Self Help Need A Nudge In The Right Direction?

Are you in need of self help? Do you doubt your capability? If you do, you are not alone! It is no surprise that so many people feel they cannot help themselves.

Are the Mistakes that You Make Causing You to Fail or are They the Steps to Wealth Creation

All too often failures in life are blamed on others. By accepting and analyzing the mistake, wisdom to succeed can be gained…

Is Indecision Ruining Your Life

Think about how your life is today… Are you in that situation because you haven’t been able to make a committed decision about whether or not to act on the things you want? What price are you paying for failing to make up your mind about the things that matter most?

Dreaming You

This article is all about creating your dream life. It explores how we make things happen.

Prescription for New Year’s Resolution Addicts

What happens to a child who does not learn discipline and self-motivation skills at a young age? He or she spends quite a bit of time as they grow older learning to manage the skills they should have acquired before adulthood. Often the result is an adult or young adult that lacks focus and persistence to see a task through. Allow yourself to break free of bad habits and poor concentration skills.

The Now (Part 3 of 3): Are You Ready to Really Start Living?

Think of this: the Present Moment contains no past and no future. It is always just Now. This is the where and the when you really start living. In the Now you have unlimited abundance and potential.

The Now (Part 1 of 3): Challenge Your Stinkin’ Thinkin’ – And Win!

Typically, we are the ones who sabotage our desires and ambitions. So, if we realize that our own thinking and beliefs are not serving us in healthy ways, why do we keep going around in that circle allowing them to lead us? I offer this: because it is so very hard to let go, and so difficult to accept new truths.

The Now (Part 2 of 3): Is Your ‘Presence’ Absent?

Have you ever been suddenly struck by the beauty of a sunset, or the dancing sparkles of ice crystals in the sunshine, and just for that moment all thinking seemed to stop – ever so briefly? At that time, in that moment you were Present. Neither the past nor the future held your attention. There was simply a feeling of awe and appreciation.

With or Without Steak Sauce, That is the Question

From aliens, to Atlantis, to a far flung distant galaxy that escaped certain destruction and resettled spaceship Earth, there is an endless imagination to the human race that always, in every theory, supports one common piece of ground.

Three Motivational Speakers Walk Into A Bar

Remember those “Choose your own adventure” books? I loved them when I was a kid. You get to a certain point then you have to choose which page you jump to to continue the story, sometimes you succeeded and some times you didn’t.

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