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The Butterfly Effect

A small move you make in your world… may cause a gale force wind across the universe. Believe it, you can make a difference!

Man I Am SO Spoiled!

Any great relationship starts with from the inside. The question we all need to ask is am I treating myself the way I would like others to treat me. If the answer is no, then it’s time to make some changes.

Don’t Go Into The Cave!

Have you ever noticed that every company seems to have at least one employee that cannot find anything good at all about coming to work. They hate their job, management, their pay, HR, the guy in the next cube, the cafeteria, their career, and everything, but you of course. Until you leave, and the next person is ok and you’re not!!

Fear Of Failure

I heard a guy ask once “Do you know where the greatest treasures in the world are buried?” They are not buried in the diamond mines of Africa. They are not buried in the oil fields of the middle east. They are not buried on sunken treasure ships deep in the Atlantic.

Moving Forward By Conquering Your Fears

Limiting beliefs keep people not only from accomplishing their goals but in moving forward with their lives. Find out how you can conquer your own fears so you can deal with it and take control from it.

How To Change Your Perspective – Part 2

In school we are trained to find the one correct answer to a problem or a question. In fact, much of your experience of the educational system was probably built upon this type of convergent conditioning of your mind. This is of course the result of a system that is supposed to produce individuals to fit in society, and not necessarily train independence and creative thinking. In this article we explore ways to break our habitual thinking and to find new ways of though.

How To Change Your Perspective – Part 1

Perspective is everything, and when it comes to self development I believe it is really important to expand ones horizon in terms of how you view the world. Our flexibility of mind, creativity and perspective dictates our lives to a great extent. I’d like to say that we see what we want to see. How we experience the world depends on our expectations. Do you in a given situation see a problem or new possibilities?

Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life!

Whether we choose to drink too much, eat too much, or smoke cigarettes – it is a choice that we have made for ourselves. The good news is that life offers us many choices. While we may have made one choice, we can easily make another choice to undo the harm that we may have created for ourselves from an earlier one.

Six Figure Careers Start With Motivation

This is an article about the fundamental principle of doing what you love to create passion for your work. It is a commentary on the first of the five secrets to six figures, an article written about five secrets to success in business.

Self Improvement Is The Key To Success

Self Improvement is about changing yourself and your lifestyle for the better. It is about setting yourself goals, improving your confidence, becoming more efficient and more.

Concentration Is A Difficult Problem For Many

Everyday we are bombarded with so many things that surround us that we often lose focus on what we want to do and should be doing. We can be busy doing thousand and one thing that doesn’t improve our life in anyway. The question we should often asked ourselves is “busy doing what”?

How To Manage Fear

Are you in the same old place? Are you looking to have a break out year? Looking to take charge of your life? If you are not in the place you want to be then we MUST change our thinking and actions. If you always do what you have always done you will always have what you had.

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